Geng Qishan just wanted to say something, but he looked up and looked at Xie Yi with his eyes right. He felt that his heart was about to jump out of his throat. Did they find something wrong there? No, it shouldn’t. If they were discovered, how could Xie Yi and Xie Weixiaoshun tell them so much? If there is no evidence to see if they can take themselves as.

"Thank you, young master, this …" Yun Lao frowned and narrowed his eyes slightly with a little displeasure. "What do you mean?" Without waiting for Xie Yikou to say his word, he suddenly chuckled with a faint irony. "Do you think Master Xie suspects that we are murderers?"
Wheelchair green flag friction sounds all ears rang Xie Yi turned his back on the wheelchair, and his mouth slightly evoked the bottom of his eyes with a wipe. "It means nothing."reads;

Now that my parents have been poisoned, the murderer must be one of us. I don’t want the murderer to escape. "
"Master Xie, this means … that you doubt us!" Yun Lao was annoyed at once, with a tone of three points of anger. "In that case, it is necessary for Master Xie to block Xie Fu’s big chapter and directly hand us over to Jing Zhaoyin. I believe that Lord Xie’s imperial teacher’s name, Lord Jing Zhaoyin ‘an, also dare not shield us murderers in bending the law!" Sound and words are powerful and words are sonorous.
"Yundi!" Geng Qishan’s smell speech is already hanging in his throat, and his heart seems to jump out. Generally, his eyes are already staring straight. What if it is really handed over to Jing Zhaoyin for investigation and the stuffing is missed? This is a felony murder.
Yun Lao lifted his eyelids slightly and handed GengQishan a reassuring look without trace. Since he has the courage to say so, it is natural to say so. Xie Yi did not dare to let the government intervene easily. If he really did that, it would be easy for him. Once the government owner wants to act, it will be easy, and he will be finished.
Cloud old face looked at Xie Yi coldly. "If Master Xie really suspects that our old man is the first to accept the investigation voluntarily, even if the handcuffed and shackled old man recognizes that he has lived in any room in this generation, but he has never lived in a cell and went to jail once, it will not waste my old man’s life."
"Master didn’t say that" Xie Yi corners of the mouth slightly hook the bow fundus but across a bit if there is sarcasm and disdain.
"Brother, please don’t say two words." Xie Wei can’t hide that his brother is wronged, but Yun Lao is the Geng family and his elders. He always doesn’t openly talk to Yun Lao about being able to reconcile with him. "Yun Lao’s sorry brother means that the murderer can come into contact with the kitchen, so it should be the people in the house to prevent the murderer from escaping. This has forced him to block Xie Fu and can wronged you these days."
After listening to Xie Wei’s words, Yun Lao’s face looked a little better, but when his eyes swept Xie Wei, his face was still heavy. The corners of his mouth slanted and he gave out a disdainful "Hum!"
"Well, Uncle Yun, don’t be angry." Gengqingbai’s eyes flickered and his eyes kept wandering around the courtyard, but he rummaged through the whole courtyard and found no Gengting even and Geng Shi figure associated with Xie Yi’s attitude just now. Should it be that the two of them were caught? It’s impossible to see Xie Yi and Xie Wei’s excessive grief. Xie An and Lu have nothing to do. What the hell is going on? He is thinking about listening to Xie Wei next to him, but he says, "Why don’t you see my cousin?"
Xie anecdotes suddenly thin slightly sipped raised his head and gave Geng Qishan a deep coagulation "by the way, why didn’t Master Geng come? This ….. maybe Master Geng also had an accident? "
"It’s okay. Pavilion is also a medicine old man after hearing about things. It’s a little uncomfortable before going out. It’s hard for us to get some water and soil at the beginning of the cold. If there is any disrespectful place, we still hope A-wei. You and Master Xie don’t take it amiss." Geng Qishan and Yun Lao smell speech bowed their heads and met with four eyes to see each other’s eyes suddenly hanging up.
No wonder there is something wrong with the Xie Gu brothers’ eyes. Are they caught in the act?
Geng Qishan is worried that if they are really caught, let alone Xie Yi and even Xie Wei, they will not let them go, and what’s more, they may bring trouble to Geng’s family. To think of this, his heart is a little heavy, but his face is always frowning and his eyelids are slightly pale, and his eyes are drooping. The bottom of his eyes quickly crossed with a malicious crime. Those two worthless Geng family, if really caught, have nothing to do with Xie An and Lu’s death. Thought of this, his face quickly crossed with a look of comfort, and he will be self-finished. Whether Xie Gu has found that thing for the Lord, the Lord will not blame himself when the time comes.
This man thinks too much for himself.
Xie Yiwen said that the corners of his mouth were slanted and his eyelids were gently lifted. "Isn’t the water and soil?" Said and turned to look at the medicine old "medicine old you still take a trip to the guest house. Anyway, Master Geng is our Xie Gu guests who are unreasonable. We Xie Gu are sick and our main family ignores it."
"This ….. don’t bother, don’t bother." Geng Qishan heard that his heart was already hanging in his throat. When he went out just now, it was too early for Gengting to sleep in the dark. Then there is a possibility that the roots are not in the house. Even he can’t say clearly where it will be.reads;