So thinking about rocky’s face sank steeply "unexpectedly dare to pretend to be my Luo family friend to kill this little chapter 3 for me to rob the body."

Lodge’s vitality is triple, which is much worse than that of Luo Tao, but he has more than 200 yuan soul realm hands, and he naturally believes that he has the confidence to kill Lin Yu.
Those dog legs fought with many people, and Lin Yuxiu destroyed Lin Yu again, but without thinking about the mistresses, he jumped at Lin Yu three people.
"Looking for death!" Lin Yu immediately released the fighting magic chain, and the first dozen Luo family minions near him immediately found themselves in horror that their strength was as fast as waterfall water!
"Bad magic chains don’t seem to have much effect on the group!" Lin Yu frown that a dozen guys, although the strength has dropped, can drop a whole realm at most and become a vitality.
If a few more guys come, I’m afraid the magic chain will fail on average.
Then Xiao Zi moved.
"Squeak-"Violet’s body shape is like light flying. These original Yuan soul realm guys are now left with their roots, so they can’t hide from the attack of Xiao Zi, who is equivalent to Yuan spirit realm.
"Ah …" A dozen guys screamed and fell down, and the blood gurgled from the neck wound and died in a short time.
"Let’s do it!" Rushed out of the crowd a yuan soul realm bodyguards at the same time to kill small purple.
With a genial smile that Xiao Zi ran back quickly and slipped into Yuan Lan’s skirt.
The bodyguard saw Yuan Lan’s vitality fluctuating, but he didn’t look at Yuan Lan and continue to pursue Xiao Zi.
Of course, such a beautiful little girl is their family’s official dish, and they will certainly not be hurt.
Seeing this guy coming at himself, Yuan Lan frowned slightly, "Die!"
When they saw the golden light flashing, no one saw Yuan Lan’s hand. The guy in Yuan Soul Realm immediately became a bronze statue and maintained the previous posture at that moment.
"broken!" Yuan Lan stamped the bronze statue on the ground and immediately exploded into several brass and blood-red mixed powders!
"Damn it!" Rocky knows that no matter how many people he has now, his eyes are full of malicious color. With a wave of his right hand, he waved a bronze sword in his hands and the gold man immediately appeared in front of him.
This gold man is Lodge’s amulet, which is equivalent to a nine-fold strong creature.
Rocky doesn’t believe this gold man can’t cope with these three guys.
"War machine?" Lin Yu was shocked at the sight of this behemoth.
He doesn’t know much about war machines. He knows that this kind of thing doesn’t need force, but needs spar energy.
That is to say, the lock array and the magic chain can’t restrain this kind of thing, and the vitality division can deal with this kind of thing with its own strength or good weapons.
Gold people quickly waved the sword in the two vigorous sword mans immediately split toward Yuan Lan.
Yuan Lan’s beautiful little face is full of dignity. She has a special constitution and a variety of means of attack, which makes her Lin Yu’s eyes look very fierce.
She is now just a five-fold strength in the realm of nature. It is a bit difficult for her to deal with a nine-fold monster in the realm of nature.
"Hoo!" Yuan Lan a teleport hid the two sword mans sword mans very vigorously cut down the mountain behind Yuan Lan.
There was a sudden shaking of the mountain wall and two deep cracks were cut by the sword mans.
"Go!" I knew that I was defeated by Yuan Lan and quickly rushed to Lin Yu and Zi Qingyun to display the teleport and escape with them.
"Damn it!" Rocky was so angry that he couldn’t wait to cut Yuan Lan to pieces.
He finally brought a Yuan soul realm bodyguard, and four of them borrowed cash from his eldest brother and were killed in one breath. How can a Luo Jiagong stand this kind of anger?
"They can’t escape far from the mountain!" Rocky put away the golden man and shouted, "Twenty patrol birds will search!"
Patrol birds are also war machines made by Luo family-they come to spy on the ground from the sky.
These patrol birds are no different from real birds in appearance, and they have no vitality fluctuations and are not easily detected by reconnaissance targets.
As rocky ordered dozens of patrol birds to fly up and fly in all directions near Yunduan Mountain range.
Yuan Lan fled to a cave dozens of miles away with Lin Yu and Zi Qingyun and stopped.
"These guys shouldn’t come after hiding so far?" No one answered the question of purple rhyme, which made her look like she was asking herself and answering herself.
Yuan Lan yawned and went straight into the cave. "I’m going to sleep now. You two keep an eye out for me!"
Lin Yu looked up at the burning sun and secretly said that she was sleeping at this time. Is she a pig?
"Little into the cave," the little girl master ordered in a tone of no doubt.
Lin Yunai can obediently walked into the cave.
"You …" Purple rhyme wanted to shout Lin Yu but was Lin Yu gestured to her not to go out.
Although Zi Qingyun said that Lin Yu was an animal, she really didn’t believe what Lin Yu would do when she went in while the little girl was sleeping.
Besides, the little girl is so tough. Isn’t Lin Yu dying if he wants to plot against her?
With countless doubt purple rhyme watched Lin Yu walked into the cave.