Yang Ye walked in quickly, five meters away from Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty, and "plopped" and knelt down and shouted, "See long live my emperor!"

"Aiqing will straighten up quickly!" Tang Xuanzong nasty a motioning with his hand.
Yang Ye got up and bowed his head in front of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty and asked softly, "Are you so anxious to call my ministers?" When he said this, Yang Ye already knew that something had happened. Seeing that Gao Lishi and the ministers looked rather ugly, he secretly thought that maybe it was his own disaster last night.
"Ai Qing, I called you here to discuss something really important!" Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty brushed his beard and frowned slightly. "I have an idea in my heart that the Japanese people committed crimes against Datang. Recently, I will send General Huoyun to Anshi City to repel the Japanese invasion. If Aiqing is willing to go to Huoyun to stop eating, let’s go together. Although I don’t know if Aiqing will lead the troops to fight, your martial arts will definitely help General Huoyun to stop eating."
On hearing this, Yang Ye knew that he was able to fight against the Japanese people, and he was naturally happy when he supported the energy there. He quickly knelt down with his fist and said, "Thank you!"
"Love Qing please" Tang Xuanzong stretched out his hand and took Yang Ye’s arm, then took a step back, and a face of sorrow whispered, "Love Qing and I led your confidant to this matter, but you can know it, but you can’t do it."
"Position, please speak." Yang night fuels and bows his head, but he probably knows what Tang Xuanzong has to say.
Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty smoothed his beard and lightly sighed, "Alas ….. the incident happened last night when my love princess’s palace hit an evil ghost! Scared my mind! "
This Yang night said leng "ghost? Last night? Love you? "
Gao Lishi aside one step before the war disdain swept Yang night low said "yes! True friends, my Lord! It’s a ghost. It’s a coincidence, my Lord. You entered the palace yesterday, and last night, Yang Guifei was frightened. Didn’t the ghost come from your Lord? "
"Ha ha, the analysis of the high manager doesn’t make sense." Yang Ye scorned Gao Lishi and said with a pout. "But I heard that ghosts are fond of yin and afraid of yang Gao’s manager. Even if they are so feminine, they will call ghosts?"
Gao Lishi blanched with anger and was about to refute Tang Xuanzong’s mercilessly stared his one eye, so that he quickly bowed his head and retreated to one side.
Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty said to Yang night with a sad face, "Last night, when my beloved princess Yuhuan was bathing, the ghost roof appeared. The guards were assassins, but the roof was broken and the roof of the palace collapsed. Fortunately, Yuhuan was not injured, which is lucky in misfortune."
Yang night slightly zheng just Gao Lishi when he spoke, he didn’t listen carefully. Now I understand that he was peeking at that last night. That is to say, Yang Guifei! Good, good, although not as beautiful as expected, there is a slight gap between beauty and beauty, but it is also a quasi-beauty.
Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty was worried when he saw Yang Ye dazed and confused and whispered, "Love Qing?"
Yang Yema recovered himself and asked, "Ah, what if I knew that a ghost invaded the imperial concubine last night?"
"Last night, when the incident happened, several palace maids, eunuchs and guards saw that there was an object flying over the palace, which looked like a human being, but it was too fast to see clearly." Tang Xuanzong bowed his head slightly and said, "Imagine how can you fly in the middle of the world if it is not a ghost? Many guards in the palace can’t hold him! "
"So that’s it," said Yang Yezhuang with an epiphany and a nod, thinking, how do you know it’s not a UFO?
And? What a careless moment! I was actually seen, but fortunately I didn’t see it clearly!
Thinking of this Yang night, my eyes suddenly lit up, and the light bulb on my head shattered in my fantasy. I turned to look at Tang Xuanzong and asked, "How is the imperial concubine now?"
Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty once again sighed, "Alas, Yuhuan was surprised by this and heard that the ghost has been bedridden since last night, and his body has become weaker and weaker. I wonder if it was absorbed by the ghost!"
After listening to Yang Ye, he smiled and said, "I know a little about summoning gods to catch ghosts!"
Yang Yeshen didn’t have the strength even to be surprised, even to be curious. He didn’t seem so tired. He felt that his body and strength had been cut out, and breathing was already a hard work.
"Are you all right?" Blue demon chop glanced at Yang night eyes quickly flashed a cherish.
Yang night didn’t notice and shook his head with a wry smile. "Nothing is nothing but I don’t know what happened." Said a tired face. The probe glanced at the scale in the soft rib of the scorching sun and asked with strength. "Ah? Lan, what did you say about the scale family? What’s with Long Xiao? "
Lan Yao cut his hand and carefully touched the scales at the soft spot of a scorching sun, then looked up and said, "Long Xiao Scale clan’s senior official in the black domain must be him."
"Through this scale?" Yang Ye tried to keep his eyes open.
"Well, this scale has said everything." Lan Yao nodded and said again and again, "And your state is red. Your realistic strength is not exhausted unless you are a super-strong senior scholar. But you are now in this state, which makes me doubt."
"Doubt? Suspect what? " Yang night cross-examine feel body recover bit by bit.
"Scale clan’s ability is that it can absorb other people’s energy and strength, so that opponents can resist or strike back at the last point." Lan Yao said in a low voice that he wanted to see Yang Ye and tried to hold his eyes down. "Long Xiao is the one with the strongest scale energy in the decoration of the scale clan of the main gate of the black domain. He can plant scales in others and make this person become an energy-absorbing puppet. Although he can’t control this person, once the person who has planted scales absorbs enough energy, he will be in a crazy state and have a tendency to kill everything." Lan Yao pointed to the ground and lay in the scorching sun.
"This Long Xiao is the main gate of the black domain. He also has the ability to absorb others and plant scales for others. What else?" Yang night repeated while asking again.
"You can know so much for the time being." Lan Yao beheaded and shook his head and reached for Yang Ye’s arm and said softly, "Red Bi, you should take more rest. From the time you came back with the scorching sun on your back to the time when your opponent was absorbed by him, you must be very tired now. I expect you are very hurt now …"
"Do you care about me?" Yang night grinned and put his other hand on the blue demon to cut his arm and hand.
The blue demon cut the horse’s face red and wanted to take back his hand. He hesitated for a moment. When Yang Ye’s arm shook and finally did not move, he was gently shaken by Yang Ye’s heart.
Lan Yao beheaded at this time, I couldn’t say for sure. I just saw Yang night so heartless when I was in the imperial kitchen. She had an unprecedented feeling of annoyance about Yang night, which made it difficult for this person to succeed, regardless of priorities. Was he hungry at that moment?
But just now, the scene really made Lan Yao cut his heart. When Yang Ye pushed her and was thrown over the table by the scorching sun, the moment when the scorching sun came again and Yang Ye flew in front of him to catch the scorching sun, it made Lan Yao cut a kind of tension and heartache, and this feeling only appeared in front of her the night before Yu Qiu committed suicide. It was a really painful feeling, as if she was about to lose everything at that moment and her heart was violently pulled together.
When a person is willing to give his life to protect you, you will be moved and love him very much; It’s like if you call a person’s name 714 times in your sleep, then that person must owe you a lot of money.
Two people are like this.
Big hands and small hands hold together for a long time.
Lan Yao beheaded in a trance, as if she had entered a completely selfless state. Everything around her was gone. Yang Ye could feel the blood flowing and the pulse beating in Yang Ye’s hand, and Lan Yao beheaded herself and found that her heartbeat moved with Yang Ye’s pulse. This artistic conception has long since disappeared. Lan Yao beheaded herself, and she was completely cooled the day she committed suicide in front of Yu Qiu at night. But at this moment, she once again felt unwilling to accept and admit it, but she could not restrain and avoid heartache.
When Lan Yao slowed down, Yang’s head hung across the hot sun and she almost fell asleep in her arms.
Lan Yao beheaded and looked at Yang night and suddenly smiled shallowly, as if he felt that Yang night was so cute with his eyes closed and his arms slightly resting on his arms like a baby.
For women, moving is often a moment, such as the blue demon cutting like now.
Lan Yao beheaded and looked at Yang Ye with his eyes closed, and gently reached out his hand. His face was carefully and piteously touched for a few corners of his mouth, and he continued to smile fondly and gently. He was thinking about Yang Ye’s stupidity in his heart inexplicably, thinking about it and thinking about it completely. A woman got up with a slight smile on her face, and her expression and expression were as gentle as water. At that time, she silently muttered how could you be so stupid? You’re here to protect me when you’re so weak? If something happens to you, and we can’t finish it, I will hold a grudge against your generation. Who will I partner with if something happens to you? Who will protect me if something happens again …
"Why do you hate me?" Yang night with your eyes closed suddenly so to 1.
The blue demon was so scared that he felt a tingle and took away his arm. Yang Ye’s head suddenly lost its pillow and "pa" it knocked down the pot-bellied face in the hot sun.
"You! How do you know what I’m thinking? " The blue demon beheaded in panic. "Who did you learn mind reading from?"
"What the hell am I reading?" Yang Ye’s head was a little confused, and he stood up and shouted, "You said it yourself!"
The blue demon beheaded once again and thought it was over. It must have been his own intention to say what he wanted. Damn it! Damn it! I can’t believe this guy heard me! Damn it!
Indeed, this blue demon chop seems to be too shameful, and it is not a shame to be exposed, but to say those words unconsciously! This kind of soft love story has never been told to anyone, even if it is a night of royal autumn. That’s her personality, but this time it’s too bad that she not only said it, but also was heard by people. What’s even more exasperating is that it was heard by Yang Ye!