Dear child gave a cold owl and didn’t answer him directly

It is better to let his father always find women for him than to let him misunderstand.
So he chose to naturally change the topic "Let’s get down to business and study the next plan"
From that day on, they set up a wandering sun, and now all the actions are under his control.
Just yesterday afternoon, when he ran to the women’s dormitory to drill into the bed, the blood wolf plan was launched very successfully. The drunken’ fake cold owl’ successfully deceived the wandering singer who deliberately lost his temper and reluctantly had sex with her.
Sit down slowly to know that your son is perfunctory and prevaricating with something positive. The cold old man is still angry.
He doesn’t think he is an arbitrary father, but he just asks his son to seriously ask a wife to have a grandson. Isn’t that too much for him? Perhaps it is his discipline that has caused his personality now.
The more I think about it, the more anxious I am. His anger is rising rapidly, and he is reprimanded with a sullen face.
"You, you are so unfilial."
After bitterly scolding, he sighed heavily and looked at the cold face and didn’t cheep. He still had to withdraw the topic.
"Give her hope to let her down again and let her take the initiative to do things for us …"
"Don’t worry, don’t cause her to doubt that you have done something else yourself. I’ll do it."
Both fathers know in their hearts that if you haven’t got the secondary wave weapon in the hands of You Nianxi, she will be a great security risk, and this thing is really urgent, and you may lose the game if you make a mistake.
At this time, in the restaurant
You Nianxi and Bao Xiangyu are also sitting at the dining table chatting. They are waiting for their father to come to dinner.
The two women looked at each other relatively, and the atmosphere was somewhat depressing.
Thinking about it, the eyes are a little heavy.
She never thought that such a drunken accident would happen to her always composed and self-sustaining penis.
She felt some emotion when she thought of her daughter and this confusion.
All right, so that they can be completely broken!
Reached out and touched the wandering sunseeker. She calmed herself down and adjusted her smile very gently. "Don’t worry about the second child. He is not an irresponsible man."
"Cousin … I volunteered with my second cousin. He didn’t … he was drunk at that time …" He hung his head, and his face was red and shy like a new wife.
Of course, these are all superficial.
Happiness comes so suddenly!
Her heart is almost overwhelmed with joy!
She really didn’t expect that what she had been expecting for so many years would be achieved overnight.
At about 3: 30 yesterday afternoon, the old man Leng inspected the 23 rd Military Corps. He was anxious to check a report of last year’s regiment. When she moved to Leng’s house, many things were not arranged. Unfortunately, the report was forgotten by her at home, so she hurried home to get the information.
There was no one else at home at that time, and she overheard the cold owl vomiting in the bedroom.
She thought about it and went over with a glass of water and knocked at the door.
The door was left unlocked and the curtains were pulled tightly by him. The light in the room was so dark that you could see him lying on the bed, and there was a strong smell of wine floating in the air.
It is obvious that he is drunk!
Section 314
What’s more, he is still saying something drunk over and over again, and she can hear the name white and precious.
According to the news she got before, Bao Qi was now left in the Red Prick Headquarters by him and ordered not to come out. The adopted girl was also returned to Chufei by her, and the Dijing Villa, where they lived together, was also abandoned by him.
Seeing this situation, she was sure that the two of them really had a big contradiction!
Standing quietly by the door for a while, she looked at the bed, drunk and talking nonsense. The man suddenly realized that this might be her only chance to get a cold owl in her life.
Leng Xiao loves Bao Qi.
His mouth is calling her name.
But what does it matter?
The identity and situation of him and Baoqi decide that it is impossible for them to get married in this life. What’s worse, she knows Leng Xiao very well. It can be said that he is a man who is extremely responsible for women, and his degree of responsibility is abnormal and almost incompatible with the current social situation.
The woman who sleeps will marry the woman-that is to say, Lengxiao.
Five years ago, didn’t Baoqi climb into his bed because he had the cheek to pester him and beat him repeatedly? If not, how can his bed be favored by him? At the end of the day, Lengxiao didn’t love that little bitch at that time, but because Lengxiao killed her and was responsible for cultivating her feelings.
Bao Qi can swim in the sun, so can she.
Backhand door, she approached the bed step by step with water. The man didn’t want the light to sober him up, so she didn’t draw the curtain, and didn’t go to the light. Instead, she directly put water on her soft body and leaned over the man’s head. She kept lingering on his chest to imitate Bao Qi and called several uncles.
"Treasure and pure? !” The man called her in a low voice. After he got drunk, his voice seemed to be hoarse and deeper than usual, more like he was suppressing some sad emotion, so he took the initiative to hug her with his backhand and turned over.
With a smile on your face!
Finally she got what she wanted …
When he burst through the body, she felt that her life was regrettable and complete.
After she finished, she left and was still drunk. The man pretended to’ accidentally’ leave his work permit in bed. Of course, her purpose was to let the man know who he really was after waking up.
Sure enough, as she expected-
He is indeed a very responsible man. Although she didn’t say anything, he took the initiative to tell the old man about it.
"… read sunseeker? ! What are you thinking? " I can’t tell you what it’s like to see her face red and shy, her neck red and ambiguous, and sit on the other side of the dining table with precious jade.
You Nianxi rubbed his hands back and forth and looked awkward and uneasy. "Uh-oh … Did you talk to me, cousin?"
"I … I’m fine. Here they come!"
With a sigh, Baoyu swallowed his words and looked at the door of the restaurant. Father and son came in.
Glancing at Lengxiao, I thought of yesterday afternoon’s love affair with my little darling.
The old man, who has always been hale and hearty, looks as if he is not eager to sit down and grunts coldly in his mouth.
But Lengxiao, who followed him, didn’t look at her cold face, like she was dyed a little haggard, and her black eyes were full of blood, and she sat in a chair and said nothing.
Did he regret it?
Secretly thinking of a wandering little wife, I served everyone a meal and hung my head as red as a white rabbit.
Sad woman …
Would it break if I knew that the man who slept with her and Lengxiao had no heart at all? !
I hate the cold old man in my heart, and my serious eyes swept a circle and sighed a long time. "Don’t worry about it. Uncle Cold will definitely make decision for you. You have been working for the cold family for two generations. I can’t let this little bully get you there, but …"
"Uncle Leng, I dare not expect to marry my second cousin … I was willing to be my uncle Leng yesterday … Don’t blame my second cousin. I really didn’t want him to be responsible for me … I, I …" The tone was soft and almost dripping. She seemed to be in a hurry and was about to cry.
Cold eyes, cold owl, hard lips, pursed lips.
Glanced at him, the old man was cold and cold, but kind than "you child!" Is that people are too honest … You can rest assured that the position of the daughter-in-law of the cold family is only a matter of time before you, but … "