"This is the entrance. You are all ready!" The old man looked at twenty young people and said softly that when he saw a thousand chickens breaking the moon, his eyes flashed a hidden deep murder.

The old man said that a dagger appeared in his hand and plunged into his heart.
It’s simply fatal for the old man to move in the heart of Qianfeng to break the moon. There is a drop of Jingxue in his heart, so his strength is reduced by one level and he becomes a basket case directly.
The old man did not hesitate to pierce his heart, and a drop of Jingxue, which contained majestic aura, flowed out and dripped into the scarlet ground.
A drop of blood contains pure aura compared with a thousand chickens breaking the moon; Reiki is even more rich and vigorous. It can be seen that the root of the strength of the elderly is not irresistible.
A drop of jingxie drops into the scarlet ground, which seems to be a drop of clear water drops into the ocean, and the whole ground actually makes a ripple.
Seeing this scene, except for thousands of chickens breaking the moon, other young people are showing horror and trying to stabilize themselves.
The old man didn’t seem to see this scene. Generally, a drop of blood slipped into the scarlet ground again and the old man turned pale.
The ground seems to be alive, and the ripples are constantly spreading out, making people feel like they are on the water.
935 Chapter 935 Was ambushed.
The old man didn’t feel a drop of blood dripping into the ground again, and the ground shock became more intense. Even a thousand chickens broke the moon and there was a feeling of uncertainty.
The old man dripped six drops of JingXie one after another, and the whole person looked weaker, paler and listless, and looked instantly older than a teenager.
Qianfeng broke the moon and knew that the other party had no way to restore its strength in a few years, and I’m afraid that Xiu will push it again.
Scarlet ground has been rippling with blood like a sea of blood at this time, and blood bubbles keep pouring out, which makes people vomit.
The whole ground is slowly rippling in circles, and the ripples are linked together to form a red vortex, and the red vortex gathers together, and the blood-red door rises slowly.
As soon as the blood-red door comes out, there is a fear of killing, and the smell of bloody ears diffuses to speed up the blood flow of the human body, and his eyes are red and he will fall into killing at any time.
Especially when thousands of chickens break the moon, his blood is like boiling, so he wants to fall into killing.
"You go in and remember to look for the time center according to the map!" The old man finished and disappeared directly into the sea of blood.
Although the old man’s voice is not big, it still wakes the people up, and they look at each other more and step into the blood.
Qianfeng broke through the moon without hesitation and directly entered the bloody door. At the moment when she disappeared into the door, she seemed to hear a familiar and unfamiliar message from the call of blood and destiny, and the message kept echoing in her mind.
There is a horror on the ground thousands of miles away. There is no life in Wan Li. There are no trees and no signs of life. There are black rocks and horrible red clouds.
It’s been three days since I entered the so-called Zhenwu secret realm. During these three days, thousands of chickens broke the moon and ran according to the map, but I saw black rocks or black rocks.
All of a sudden, thousands of chickens break the moon, and their bodies suddenly flash away from their original places.
As soon as Qianfeng broke the moon, he saw a black meteorite fall from the sky and hit the ground where Qianfeng broke the moon.
A huge pothole of one meter Fiona Fang appeared on the ground of instantaneous ash of black rock.
Seeing this huge pothole, the figure of a phoenix breaking the moon appeared next to a rock, and a black dagger appeared in his hand and was drawn against the rock.
"Hey!" The rock burst instantly, and a stream of black blood jumped out, and a smell of sulfur was instantly diffused.
Thousands of phoenix are familiar with throwing this rock from the rock and taking out a black spar, which contains majestic aura.
Yes, this rock is a creature, a creature living in this secret place.
This kind of creature is called "Rock Monster" by a thousand buddhas breaking the moon, and it moves in a general way, but it can control the aura of heaven and earth to fight with little strength. All of them will be attacked by the spirit emperor if they are not careful.
"Girl, you killed our target and handed over the rock crystal quickly or don’t call me impolite!" A thousand buddhas have just finished breaking the moon, and a young man with a full face of pride appears in front of the thousand buddhas breaking the moon at a very fast speed.
This spirit crystal is the most precious thing in this rock, and its cultivation effect is ten times that of the spirit crystal, which is very precious.
The young man’s face is full of unruly breath, and he has reached the five-level realm of the spirit emperor, which is the ghost of the Chamber of Commerce.
936 Chapter 936 Color change
"Leave me alone!" Qianfeng broke the moon with a cold face and a pair of wonderful eyes without a trace of emotion.
"Don’t be unappreciative. Although your fighting capacity is good, I advise you to hand it over!" There is a young man with a defiant face, whose strength has also reached the level of the spirit emperor’s five-level ghost statue chamber of commerce in the summer.