"The fox just in the middle position can’t come so quickly to kill barrels! Kill and withdraw! "

After the blue square was killed, they have changed three times!
But at this time, VESS, the commander of Hainan University, had no intention of leaving, but made a determined effort to kill the last cask that had been trapped by them before the fox arrived!
Without the big move, the barrel is a huge piece of fat waiting for them to eat.
"good! I’ll kill the tower and go "auxiliary Japanese female way.
Kill the barrel quickly before the fox arrives, and even if the fox comes again, there will be no chance for the four of them to protect each other. Even the crispy skin of the residual blood fox will never have a harvester.
Whew …
Everyone seems to have heard the female Tan’s e skill zenith blade refers to the barrel sound. There is no big move and e skill to save the barrel. Facing the siege of four people in the tower, all the people watching the game are faintly unable to bear it
"The barrel is very fleshy, but there are too many people on the opposite side. The purple side has made up its mind to kill the barrel before the fox arrives, and all the injuries are quickly played out!" Reggie watched the blood line of the barrel being pointed out by the woman, and a series of controls followed, and he knew that the barrel would never live.
Oh …
However, just as his voice fell, a great surprise sounded from the audience.
A touch of red, like a blooming rose, love mark crossed the big screen in the center of the field and accurately charmed Lu Xi’ an, Hainan ADC!
Chapter one hundred and twenty-three Three kills against two kills
Just when the cask was besieged by four people at Hainan University, it was less than a third of the time, and a red love mark like a rose bloomed in front of everyone.
Output barrel ADC Obama was hit accurately!
"Fox! Here comes their fox! " ADC players of Hainan University are preparing to make the final harvest in the barrel of residual blood when they feel a pink track in front of them.
Then Lucian, the hero he controlled, went to the right as if he were enchanted.
"The fox is a night maple fox!"
The backup area of Nanling University also broke out completely because of the white figure of the night maple fox.
It’s as if the boss came back at the most critical moment after being suddenly attacked by an enemy gang, and all the humbling and depression in the hearts of every member of Nanling University’s competition club broke out instantly!
"How is it possible! How can this fox be so fast? "
The sound of the dead widow players is ringing in the ears of Hainan University. You know, they have timed the time. Nanling Fox can’t arrive in such a short time!
But obviously no one can answer this question now.
When Obama came to Hainan University, he was cut into residual blood by Xu Wei alone. After the fox’s E-skill charm magic hit him, a Q-skill fraud orb took away his last hundred drops of blood!
And because Obama and Victor are very close, Ali’s Q skill not only hit Obama, but also brushed Victor!
Before the fraudulent orb was brushed back, VESS manipulated Victor to hand over the flash decisively!
"All have to die! Kill Victor! " Xu Weiyin also as night maple Ali appeared in the voice roared
It’s so humbled that he just died!
After cutting Victor and Obama into blood, no one came to harvest them, which led to the death of the horse by flying a kite after the big move!
Now Victor has less than 300 drops of blood. Although he handed in the flash, he will die if he makes a big move at night or follows the flash.
But on the eve of the brain, Feng shook his head and smiled bitterly at Victor. He must not be killed.
"The single fox in Nanling University miraculously arrived at Obama at the last moment, and the latter Q skill was taken away by the charm. Victor flashed and hid the second Q injury of the fox." Reggie was also surprised that GODEYES fox could arrive at the last moment!
Because just now, when did the maple fox arrive in the road night, no one saw it.
"The fox didn’t choose to chase Victor, but wanted to kill Yueta and kill Tanhe Huang, a female cask!" Peng Hailan Expressway
The night maple fox really didn’t go after the residual blood Victor, but turned on the W skill, and the rare fox fire wanted to kill the tower girl Tan and Huang!
Not chasing Victor is not that he doesn’t want to chase, but that he can’t chase at all!
"ADC Lucian was instantly dropped by the fox, and AP Victor also flashed away from the purple side to kill the barrel, which was completely broken."
"There is no way out. Killing the barrel by force is the only choice for Purple."
Purple Fang Kangta Nutan is already dead. If the emperor chooses to escape at this time, once the skill cools down, the barrel will cooperate with the fox, and he will die as well!
The replaced barrel seems to be their only choice!
Your teammate has been killed!
It’s the limit that the residual blood barrel can persist until now. This is still the night maple fox who directly dropped Obama in seconds.
But his blood line has been left by a quarter before.
In the emperor and the daughter Tamping A were finally killed!
Just as the barrel died, the night maple fox also attacked with the defensive tower and took away the last drop of blood of Nutan!
Then, after cooling, Q-skill fraud orb’s super magic damage and real damage are blessed at the same time in the imperial body that has been mutilated by the first wave of tower climbing.
dublekill! (double kill! )
riplekill! (three kills! )
Almost at the same time, two sounds sounded, and the night maple fox got three heads after the female Tan and Huang were killed successively!
In Ye Feng’s ear, the unified voice was completely overshadowed by Xu Wei’s other teammates.
At the same time, there are fans of GODEYES, the support group of Nanling University in the audience!
"Night maple got the head of ADC, and night maple also got the auxiliary head. Night maple got a lot of heads!" JiXiaoNan excited holding beside Roman way
"It was Xu Wei who disabled them all. Xu Wei and his men also made great contributions!" Roman was equally excited.
The situation has been a wave of almost overwhelming victories in Hainan University, but it was completely reversed because the night maple arrived at the last minute.
Double-reverse losses are also four people living together, and they are also single!
"This wave of situation should be the victory of the purple square, but the single GODEYES in Nanling magically arrived at the last moment. If he comes late for even one second, the situation will be completely different." Peng Hailan still stays in the dignified atmosphere.
It is true that the situation of Nanling University has almost reached the point of approaching the abyss!
If the barrel is killed, even if the fox comes, I’m afraid I can’t start work on four residual blood.
"But what I want to know most now is how the fox came from the middle of the road. It’s definitely not coming in the normal time!" Han xiaoyi way
The big screen also replayed the fox movement in the middle of the road before the war!
"Nanling University is a madman!"
Minnan University captain Ming Chong was silent for a moment before he said
"Yes, it’s crazy and it makes him crazy!"
All the movements of the big screen fox are also shown in the replay!
Two seconds before the widow and Victor started to grab the road, the single fox suddenly gave up pushing off a tower of residual blood in the middle and hurried to the road.