"By the way … I forgot to tell you one thing. When you left this paragraph, ZhongCang became my woman."

Look at your front spoon yuan Shi Lang Ye Yu with a faint smile so than bad openings.
The reason for being disabled by Cang Na was instantly disintegrated by Ye Yu’s words. The teenager growled that Rapier Ealibur flipped in the rain and lit up the harsh white mans spoon. Yuan Shilang rushed to Ye Yu where he was motionless like a wild animal.
The rain seems to be getting faster and faster. Looking at the straight rush, Keyuan Shilang Ye Yu narrowed his eyes slightly.
In a flash, the rapid rain line pierced the twisted and deformed monster body of Keyuan Shilang with a sharp ice blade.
The festering and decaying body splashes a series of blood flowers, and when the blood dissolves in the rain, it is washed away without leaving a trace.
All over the sky, even the ice blade can’t prevent Keyyuan Shilang from charging. In an instant, the young man’s body full of oppressive monsters is approaching the hands of Ye Yu’s side. Rapier Ealibur is also holding high and slashing toward Ye Yu.
For the devil, it’s like poison. Rapier Ealibur’s influence on Ye Yu is just discomfort and disgust. At the moment when Rapier Rapier Ealibur beheaded, the cold breath condensed from Ye Yu’s palm.
The lacquered black sword stopped the chop with its appearance.
Two long swords collided in the continuous rain, and the spray was blown up. The finely divided ice blade immediately flew away towards the eyes of Keyuan Shiro.
"Ah ah ah! ! ! !”
Almost no resistance. Yuan Shilang’s face has been stung into a hornet’s nest by the whole thing. Although his body has almost no reaction to such an attack, the wound has just been pierced by an ice pick and healed rapidly, but it is obviously still human and his face is very fragile.
The monster’s general arm still holds Rapier Ealibur, while the human-like arm on the other side is clutching his face. Yuan Shilang screams and retreats step by step, while Ye Yu walks forward step by step like a leisurely walk.
"It’s stupid … don’t you know … this weather is my home? I can play to what extent … Even my own method estimates? "
Ye Yu said this with a chuckle, and then slowly raised his hand and went crazy, and the rain curtain solidified in an instant, and then it condensed into ice.
The dreamy waves spread gently from behind Ye Yu. The rain has disappeared and disappeared behind him, flying towards Keyuan Shilang, but all the ice javelins are more than one meter long. The number of scalp pins and needles is at least thousands.
Chapter 43 Killing
Leaf frost resistance is frost, but even so, leaf frost resistance is not based on change.
If you want to have ice, you must have water, and this water is water vapor floating in the air. With such pouring rain and sufficient water vapor, Ye Yeyu is definitely a victory.
Raise your hand and throw yourself at it, have sex directly, feel at your fingertips, and you are all jumping for power. Ye Yu now has great pride in fighting the devil.
It’s scary and cold, as if Ye Yu’s eyes were frozen all the time, staring at himself coldly and whining, killing the monster and then letting Cang Na never find him. Maybe it’s a good thing for him or Cang Na.
See now this appearance Keyuan Shiro … She will be sad and remorse.
Thoughts are like spring water in my heart, but when they are left behind, they will resume in an instant, and the downpour will continue to pour on the earth, which is a blade faster than the rain.
Ice blades made of ice are densely distributed all over the sky, falling to the earth like thousands of sharp arrows.
On the other side, Keyuan Shiro didn’t respond, but he was swallowed up by the rain of thousands of gun blades and didn’t even have a chance to escape.
The body has been transformed and suddenly gained great power that was never thought of before, which will also create an illusion for him, an illusion that he is very powerful and has become a natural enemy
In particular, the physical strengthening of fear of the sword will also give him an illusion that he can block all attacks by relying on his strong body.
Because of this kind of illusion, Keyuan Shilang was injured in an instant when he met Ye Yu, which also led to his current situation.
Ye Yu quietly looked at his face, and the scene was shattered. Gorgeous red flowers kept blooming in the night, and Keyuan Shilang was able to roar like a beast. Later, the roar was completely silent, and the only thing that could be heard was that the ice blade kept falling through the ground.
When the rain stopped for a moment and sprinkled again, a jungle was set up in front of Ye Yu. The ice blade was more than one meter long and stood intricately in front of Ye Yu. The position of these ice blade targets, the original key Yuan Shilang, was no longer alive.
Silently looking at the mud that was nailed to the ground, these black and red interlaced substances were really washed into the water channel bit by bit with the pouring rain … After the rain stopped, there should be no traces left, right?
Soon, the jungle where the ice stood melted and the disharmonious dark red was washed away in the pouring rain, and there was nothing left except a potholed ground outside Rapier, where cold light flashed.
Ye Yu stepped forward and gently pulled up Rapier Ealibur, who was stuck in the ground.
Dull quiver rang. This one means poison weapon to the devil, and it trembled gently in Ye Yu’s hand.
"It’s really frustrating."
Ye Yu muttered so much. He listened to Leah’s story about too much Rapier Ealibur, but it’s really some fate to hit him so soon.
However, it seems that this so-called demon killer, Rapier Ealibur, seems to have no influence on this demon like a degenerate angel cursor gun except that he makes himself a little uncomfortable.
Ye Yu couldn’t help thinking … Is he really a demon?
"Ah ah … it’s getting late. That girl in Elsa should be anxious, right?"
Think of Elsa is still waiting for his Ye Yu will Rapier Ealibur casually don’t waist immediately is walking towards the suburbs.
However, it’s even more ridiculous that Ealibur, who is over there than paying attention to Rapier, should be stranded in this extremely eastern island country. It’s even more ridiculous that he still falls into the hands of the devil. It is estimated that the Vatican side has already exploded.
Although I don’t know who the people of Rapier are when I transform Keyuan Shiro to make it free, the guy who holds such technology must not be an ordinary person. It seems that he will be on the side of degenerate angels. After all, he will be interested in things like Rapier and have them.
I’m too lazy to think about what the degenerate angel is doing. Since I killed their important research results and took them away, Rapier must have followed them. Then I’ll deal with them.