He raised his arms and shouted excitedly, which was quite a king’s landing style, which made Manchester United players next to him unable to help but watch. If others were so arrogant at Old Trafford, Manchester United fans would definitely hiss, but now they all chose silence to be continued when they saw Zhang Tiehan.

Chapter five hundred and six Offensive performance
Even if Manchester United fans are prepared to see Zhang Tiehan really head the ball into the goal, they are very depressed. After all, it is Manchester United’s goal, and this player who was once trained by Manchester United scored again at Old Trafford Stadium. This time, he represents Chelsea, Manchester United’s biggest rival in the past two seasons, not Rome.
Before the game, many Manchester United fans were prepared for Zhang man of iron’s goal. After all, so far no team has been able to limit Zhang man of iron’s goal. At this moment, they still feel confused and at a loss.
Chelsea has a man of iron. Is there any hope of victory for Manchester United?
If someone said this before the game, they would be passively greeted by the anger of Manchester United fans, but now many Manchester United fans think so.
A simple and direct header broke Manchester United’s goal!
This scene happened right in front of us.
"Zhang scored a goal and headed the ball: 1 Chelsea took the lead." The commentator’s voice at Old Trafford became short and naive.
“gal! The ball is in! "
Alfie is still shouting. He has already become a fan of Zhang Tiehan. He is excited about man of iron’s goal.
Alfie is a pure Zhang Tiehan fan!
As early as when Zhang Tiehan played for Wigan Athletic, Alfie had noticed that he was constantly broadcasting Wigan Athletic, which made Alfie quickly like watching Zhang man of iron’s game. Even if he wasn’t working, he liked to watch some Zhang Tiehan’s goal medals. Even though many people didn’t want to admit it, even then Zhang Tiehan’s goal medals were gorgeous, which surpassed many star players.
It is now three years later, Zhang Tiehan has traveled to three clubs and arrived in Chelsea. Alfie is still explaining Zhang Tiehan’s game. When he saw Zhang Tiehan score, he was still happy and excited.
"Zhang goal! It’s beautiful! This is Chelsea’s first goal! "
"Chelsea was a little suppressed in the previous game, but Zhang’s performance was still wonderful. He broke into the Manchester United penalty area alone and received Drogba’s direct header and scored the goal. It was a perfect header. Let’s take a closer look at the slow motion."
Everyone familiar with Arne knows that he likes to talk about a man of iron goal. He is a die-hard fan of man of iron, but even Manchester United fans have no objection to the continuous playback of slow motion on Sky TV because the goal is really wonderful.
If they hadn’t scored in Manchester United’s goal, they would have watched it with excitement
Chelsea fans were very excited when they came to the scene. They cheered when they saw Zhang Tiehan score the ball into the goal.
Their voices are not loud, but they still dominate the mainstream when Manchester United fans are silent.
Manchester United fans are in no mood to fight for anything.
At the moment when the goal was Zhang man of iron, a former Manchester United player, they didn’t know whether they were proud of having produced such a superstar in the Manchester United youth training camp or lost their goal.
The complex mood of Manchester United fans does not affect the stadium Manchester United.
Ferguson sat in the coach’s seat and looked at the stadium with a serious face. Chelsea celebrated his eyes fixed on Zhang man of iron.
Before the game, he knew that Zhang Tiehan was not good at defending, but he still didn’t expect Zhang Tiehan to score a goal so soon, which was very unfavorable to Manchester United. He thought it was to score goals with Chelsea, but Chelsea was still ahead. At this time, Ferguson felt that several frontcourt players had more opportunities than Chelsea, and his front line was even less pitiful than threatening the ball, and the other team scored the ball directly.
Ferguson is in a mixed mood.
If he had a choice, he would have chosen Zhang Tiehan even if he didn’t train Ronaldo. By contrast, Zhang Tiehan was obviously much better.
He knows he shouldn’t regret the past, but he can’t help thinking so.
Is there any chance in the future?
Ferguson kept thinking that he had been teaching at Manchester United for almost 20 years. In the past 20 years, Manchester United has gone through many ups and downs, and he has also become a dying old man. Last summer, the summer before last, and even this summer, he considered retiring, but he finally chose to continue to work. He didn’t know how long he would work. His only thought was that it was possible for Zhang man of iron to come to Manchester United in the remaining days of his coaching.
He has no answer.
But in recent seasons, it is definitely impossible.
The old jazz sighed and shook his head, not thinking about these things, but at the same time he didn’t direct the game. Manchester United played a good game, except for Ronaldo’s several mistakes. Even Ronaldo was in good shape, but he met Zhang Tiehan.
Zhang Tiehan has become an insurmountable opponent in his life.
Grant was also happy that he cheered with other players and coaches on the bench after Zhang man of iron scored.
As a Chelsea manager, the pressure against Manchester United is still quite high. This is the most important game for him in recent years. The game between Chelsea and Manchester United has been called the’ English Derby’ in recent seasons because the two teams have the best results.
Arsenal has declined due to the construction of a new stadium. Liverpool is not as good as the league except at the beginning of the season. Chelsea and Manchester United are the most direct competitors.
In the first three games, Chelsea won two games, which made Manchester United catch up with Grant in the standings. If this game can’t win all Manchester United, I’m afraid the club will not believe him. It shouldn’t be said that Mr. Abramovich, the chairman, will not believe him. Although Abramovich won’t recognize him as a credit even if the team’s performance is excellent, it’s always good not to lose, so his pressure will be much less.
It is certainly better to win than not to lose.
Beating Manchester United at Old Trafford can not only widen the league points gap, but also prove his teaching level. Grant attaches great importance to the game, but he didn’t expect the team to be at a disadvantage to Manchester United. Fortunately, Zhang Tiehan broke out again.
Grant feels very lucky.
If it weren’t for Zhang Tiehan, he would be in a very unstable position now. Many games in the season depend on Zhang Tiehan’s outburst to win, otherwise it would be almost impossible for the team to win so many games. If it weren’t for Zhang man of iron Grant, I’m sure Chelsea would be ranked second in the league now, and the result is definitely not comparable to Manchester United.
Fortunately, Chelsea has a man of iron, and he came at the right time.
When Grant was pleased, the game had resumed. After scoring a goal, Chelsea’s morale was boosted a lot. In the following games, Chelsea’s offensive was sharp, and it was difficult for Manchester United to suppress it again.
The two teams played a wonderful battle!
Zhang Tiehan’s performance is also the most gorgeous. He shows all kinds of personal abilities in the frontcourt to satisfy Manchester United fans, and at the same time, he always has to worry about his own goal, which really makes them feel depressed.
"It’s Zhang! He got rid of Scholes! "
"Zhang started shooting in the penalty area! It’s a pity that the ball was destroyed by Weil. I remember that in this stadium, Weil shoveled him and he cultivated for three months. "
"Zhang again! He takes the ball from the right! In! It’s a pity that Drogba didn’t head the ball. Mr. Warcraft probably didn’t bring his shooting boots today. "
Zhang Tiehan seemed to be performing an offensive performance. He kept attacking at Manchester United’s half-court, which forced Manchester United to retreat a little. They had a hunch that if they continued to play with Chelsea at half-court, their goal would be lost again.
There is still quite a retreat of the front line
After slowing down the pace of attack, Manchester United’s defense stabilized a lot, and Chelsea failed to score again during the rest of the half.