"Lu Jianji’s side should be the only one that has the advantage all the way so far. ari’s side is playing very hard. He also knows that now the monkey body has no big move in the next two minutes. Even if the monkey joins hands with the big tree, Jianji has almost no threat to him. Online is playing very hard."

"If I arrest ari Jianji twice again here, it will really explode here in S"
"ari, it’s not that simple. This guy has calculated that after two minutes of cooling, this guy will definitely not be so radical, and it will not be so easy to catch Jianji after adding vision and slowly doing it."
"bengj Rexay is also consciously approaching the road. This game should be to ensure the development of ari."
Live many gg team fans have also said after seeing S coming to choose.
Bengj Rexay has been consciously tilting its focus to the road.
After killing the wild monsters in the wild, Rexay came directly to clear the swift crabs in the road and river, and then continuously protected the vision and arranged it around ari Jianji.
Ls Live Tiki looked at Rexay’s actions and nodded. "S is very smart. They know that the only way to have an advantage now is that ari can ensure that ari can still do huge damage when she develops into a team battle."
In this si group match, ari Jianji’s performance left an indelible impression on every audience, and all the explanations clearly knew that ari Jianji was horrible.
In this game, the gdeyes monkey was killed in the early stage, but there was no time to target the road.
This is undoubtedly the best news for S.
"This wave of my god brushed off the three wolves and came to the river. Was it seen by the field of vision and turned around to invade the wild area directly?"
The huge screen of Staples Center Arena, when the game came to nine minutes, the night maple controlled the monkey to walk into the river and then turn around.
Rexay’s photo of ari is really in place.
"If you don’t have a chance to do it right, this wave of my monkey will directly invade the S wild area. The big move is still not good. It should be a wave of stealing wild areas. When there is no way to do it right, invading wild areas to limit the development of wild areas has become the best means for my god. This wave of Rexai is painting stone people, so my god’s goal should still be f4."
The night maple controlled the monkey to enter the S wild area directly and began to steal the wild.
"But s side seems to be aware of it? Bengj Rexay came around from behind the red buff grass after brushing off the stone man, and here in the middle of the road, the fker demon Ji also approached. "
Commentary Xi Reggie’s eyes began to invade the wild area with this wave of night maple monkeys in the pilot lens, and immediately noticed that the small screen S Nakano came around.
The fourth volume Chapter one thousand and thirteen Keys all the way
"Every inch of land is contested here in S. Although it is a wave of f4, it won’t be given to you, but Yasuo is also close to my God’s side, that is, to take a direct punishment and take away the f4 monster."
Although the night maple invaded the huge screen of Staples Center Arena very strongly, S didn’t give up. They knew that if monkeys invaded the rhythmic game at will, it would be hopeless.
"My monkey side directly evacuated f4 under the cover of Yasuo and got it."
Commentary Reggie and gaga are also staring at the screen tightly, and they can’t help but feel tight when they see this wave of S Nakano outflanking.
However, the monkey hand quickly took f4 and retreated directly without staying too long.
"In this case, the gg team’s economic lead is still around 1,500. Without dismantling the tower, it has gained such an advantage by relying on the invasion of the killing wild area. gg’s advantage in this game has been very obvious, especially on this side of the road."
"But for an ad like Xiao Pang, it may be his only regret that he didn’t get the head."
Gaga also took a look at the road, knowing that chubby ad has a leading economic advantage now, but it won’t be much better if it doesn’t get the head.
"This wave of Jianji has been pressed very hard here. It’s fierce, ari Jianji. Does he want to play a big advantage on the road?"
The huge screen of Staples Center Arena leaves in one minute!
A wave of fierce pursuit spread out in an instant, and both sides of the peaceful development were suddenly attacked by ari Jianji.
This is what he took the initiative to do. He didn’t come over in the wild. ari directly handed the sword to the big tree.
"This wave of ari’s hands-on is too sudden, but my monkey has once again rushed over to be invisible directly from the line!"
Then it was explained that Reggie and gaga turned their eyes, and the gdeyes monkey once again appeared in the field of vision, and stealth support came from behind the tree.
"My day direct eq even opened up this wave can squat? Ari Jian Ji started work without any warning. "
The big screen rotates, and the Monkey King and the Golden Hoop Phantom appear in front of every audience when there is still half blood left in the tree. Even the most sudden attack of ari is hard to bypass the overnight maple, which seems to be watching him forever.
Ari almost left his hands off the keyboard at the moment when the monkey started his big move and spun him directly. This is a feeling of near despair spreading in his chest.
"hgdeyes this guy once again rushed to Maokai and directly turned around and tied Fiona ari when she didn’t come out with W to block."
Ls Live Tiki and Amanda didn’t look behind the tree the first time Jianji started, like Reggie and gaga.
Almost exactly like ari, Tiki couldn’t help crying after seeing this wave of monkeys suddenly appear.
Ari, the big screen, was hit by a monkey and tied up by a big tree turning over W.
At this time, the monkey wave has already started. After returning to the city, he fought wild knives and hammers to lead the field. eq Erlian cooperated with the big move and did huge damage in an instant.
Increase the tree and bind it, so that when ari is controlled, the calculation per second will be lengthened again. The monkey made a big fuss and directly hit her blood volume to half blood.
"ang Tree directly made a big move to open qe, and soon hit the injury. Jianji’s blood volume fell to a quarter and a W, but can this wave run away?"
"It’s hard to run. I’m still waiting for the second E skill with my god. Although this wave of sword Ji has flashed, so has the tree. This wave of sword Ji is very unfavorable to him!"
Commentary Xi Reggie and gaga’s eyes accompanied Jianji to move from the first tower of gg team to the tower of S road, and finally the monkey E skill Tengyun assault turned better again.
"Directly send the E skill Tengyun to surprise the Q skill. ari handed in the Q skill displacement here, but no monkey attack was made."
Player ari has been killed!
Player gdeyes is killing!
Ari Jianji, the giant screen of Staples Center Arena, was finally killed within a thousand yards of the defensive tower.
This wave of his skills to prepare, even if you can’t kill the tree, you have to kill him.
But even the most sudden wave of hands-on gdeyes figure arrived accurately again.
"666 I am a monkey"
"There is no one who is the strongest in the world."
"bengj would have been my god’s biggest rival, and now it seems that he is more than one block away."