"Update" 1. Open battlemage and Berserker Awakening; Open the tower of delusion; 3. Open the shadow maze dungeon; 4, the city surface changes; 5. The professional skills of fighters have changed; 6. Summoner adds new skills; 7. Increase duel field practice mode; 8, open the guild system "Tianyu looked at the surface and silently read.

"Update so much?" Erxiu marvel
Tianyu slowly nodded his head.
Then Tianyu opened one by one.
"Finally to wake up …" Tianyu looked at Berserker awakening process and sighed in my heart.
"What is the tower of confusion?" Two whew looked at the monitor and asked.
Although Tianyu knew that this was the five-story Death Tower at this time, he still clicked on the connection and said, "There are five floors of this tower in Korea, of which 16 floors and the last one are disgusting."
After a few years, the tower of illusion was changed to 15 floors, but it just came out with 5 floors, of which Tianyu was quite impressed with the 16 floors.
But Tianyu can’t name those strange names now. I know that one of them is a mine buried in the maze, and the other two are in the head. I remember that one of them is called "Silence Hempley" and the other two are really forgotten.
In the open shadow maze Tianyu mind a quiver "this figure …"
Two whew is looking at the map and strange introduction.
The most convenient change this time is the change in Tiancheng.
Amon layer, layer; Parrotta stratum, stratum; The six pictures of tianhai-shallow sea and deep sea have all become history, and giant bony fish can also see them in the tower of illusion, which are about to become memories.
These maps all have new changes, except that the flame of bss in Amon has disappeared, and the golden stone giant has changed, and the zombies in Granson have also changed their clothes.
For the fifth point, Tianyu and Erxiu don’t have much heart because they don’t have the role of fighters.
Almost every female fighter has added several skills, except for skill comparison. Qi Street Fighter added a compulsory poison needle, which shows that Street Fighter was treated in dnf at the beginning.
Adding skills to summoners is four kinds of elves, and there is also a summoner to strengthen these information, which is not too big for Tianyu. After all, dare to play summoning this year requires not only technical support but also configuration support, otherwise group fights may get stuck.
Closely related to them is that this time duel field has changed almost a career adjustment.
The era of ghosts and swords is about to become a thing of the past. D has changed from 1 second to 2 seconds. After many years, the old man talked about it with nothing.
Of course, other professions have also been greatly adjusted. Compared with before, the paladin is not too dead to kill Xiaoqiang, and it is not as exaggerated as the gray plus and the elephant can almost grind the elephant to the bottom during the war.
This new guild system is familiar to Tianyu.
It is the guild system that makes it more convenient for players to have some partners in the game.
Moreover, the guild can also add attribute values to itself and get a certain number of recovery coins with the increase of guild level, in which the calculation method is that the number of recovery coins is obtained by multiplying the level before the guild upgrade.
However, it is worth noting that although it is not in the online introduction, Tianyu remembers that when the level guild is promoted to level 3, it will be 3 liters and 4 liters. No matter whether it is a new member or an old member, except the president and vice president, it will take seven days to receive the reactivation money given by the upgrade, and no matter how many levels the guild is promoted, it will not receive the reactivation money in these seven days.
In addition, there are some adjustments and additions. The most disgusting thing is the three-piece set of Tara jewelry. Fortunately, this is not to be considered. In addition, various upgrades have been modified, and there are also many business opportunities. For example, the opening of the [small jamming chip] in the jamming transmitter will be in a certain business opportunity. Of course, it depends on luck, which is not 100% profitable.
After reading these changes, Tianyu immediately entered the thinking mode. Erxiu also wanted to find business opportunities from these changes.
"It seems that it’s a little late. The price increase may increase. Everything should have been stockpiled by businessmen. We saw this update too late," Tianyu said with a sigh.
Tianyu can guess that the prices of "Dazzling Crystal" and "Evil Crystal" will increase when he sees the picture of Tianwan behemoth, and there are also red crystals and white crystals.
However, Tianyu and Erxiu did not pay attention to these materials at ordinary times, nor did they find that the prices of these materials fluctuated in recent days.
Two whew also can’t figure out why.
Two people suddenly looked up from excitement to gain and loss.
Two people began to reflect on themselves, especially Tianyu.
This is also a strategic negligence. Fortunately, because of this lesson, Tianyu realized that he should be far-sighted and not wait for the wind to act again in the future, which also laid the foundation for a big business opportunity change in the future.
Although there are no business opportunities, the game business is still going on as usual
The dazzling crystal has risen to 8, and a small white crystal is also 5.
Tianyu looked at paving price and shook his head.
Two more days passed.
On January 3, Tianyu will have unexpected gains in the game, and sure enough, the new year is new.
But at the same time Tianyu also began to think about a problem.
Chapter 146 flop
Early this day, Tianyu looked at his 58-level level and took risks by brushing his head.
Although Tianyu can brush past the king, he feels too tired and there is no need to rush for a while. Anyway, adjust his mentality except when he is a businessman in the game.
Killing unlucky bears with a 15-level ss can be described as crushing adventure monsters all the way.
When brushing the head bss, Tianyu’s good position is output, and when the head knight makes a collision skill preparation, Tianyu immediately moves out of the way.
It is not difficult to brush up because I know a lot about monsters, and so will frost wyrm bss in the future.
Bss residual blood when an anger broke out to solve the problem of turning around Tianyu to pick up things and then made a ha ha and stretched himself.
After clicking with the mouse, I found the only flop treasure chest in that row.
At the earliest, the number of treasure boxes in two rows changed with the number of people in the team. If there were four treasure boxes in two rows for a four-person team; If there are two people in two rows, there are two; Everyone has his own words.