Warm way "he said to listen to you"

Sacred to hum and laugh, "Sure enough, the old saying is right."
"hmm? What old saying? "
Holy pie mouth "It’s said that the boss is stupid, the second child is naughty, and the third child is humming. I’m the stupid one who can be pulled out as cannon fodder and the second brother is cunning and cunning. Listen to me, both expressing deference and perfectly avoiding responsibility. Speaking of it, I’m the most miserable …"
Section 11
Warm don’t know what to say.
"Warm son, you have to let me uphold justice." Sacred took her hand and shook it sadly.
Warm sigh "in fact, it is not a bad thing to look at it from another angle. You are the eldest brother. Naturally, you are the first to bear the brunt. If your younger brothers run ahead of you, wouldn’t they steal your thunder? Besides, out whoever needs help … "
When I heard this, I suddenly got excited and hugged her. "Oh, warm son, that’s great."
What did the warmth make her say?
"If you can, please work harder. If I am so capable, will you stay with me as a reward?"
"Warm son, I finally cured. Oh, after that, I will be able to work harder and never feel sorry for myself again. Leave all your family affairs to me. I will also be responsible for my grandmother’s illness. I will also take care of you and don’t worry about anything."
Warmth earned him and asked dryly, "What are you going to do about cousin?"
She has a way to deal with the things at home. Grandma is sick. Although she is worried about it, she also believes in the sacred medical skills. When she goes to Huadu, all these things can be solved. Only my cousin …
Sacred easily said, "There are two ways to control him: one is to let him enter the tribe, and the other is to stop him."
Warm roll your eyes. "What are you talking about?"
Holy Xi Xi smiled. "I’m not finished yet. Don’t worry about this first rule. I don’t think it’s advisable. After all, the tribal rules are there. If it’s more serious because my cousin has destroyed the fear of the people, I’m afraid my cousin’s life will be worried. Warm son doesn’t want to, right?"
Warm nodded
Sacred added, "So it’s better to stop my cousin so that everyone is happy."
Warm thought that if we are happy with our cousin, we will definitely not be happy. "How are you going to stop it?"
A round of the sacred eyes "second brother must also offer counsel, isn’t it to deepen the difficulty of hexagrams array? I’m sure I don’t want to be warm, right? "
Give him a warm white look. "Don’t talk about these points."
Divine muttered a talent, "I can do it absolutely well. My cousin will definitely rush into the third place. In that case, let him wait until he gets to the peach blossom forest. I need a dose of powder to keep everything safe."
It’s Friday after midnight, so the girls are all on holiday, right? Have a nice holiday.
☆, Chapter ninety-four Cousin came to Beicheng at night.
The first reaction to smell the warmth is whether the goods are intercepting my cousin or taking the opportunity to retaliate. * scattered? It’s not pure when you listen! He is more ruthless than longing!
Holy is still smug. "Warm son, do you think my method is good?"
Warm snorted. "What the hell is * San?"
The sacred eyes flashed and smiled very obscene. "That’s a good thing. It’s more precious than the average person. I don’t want to give it to him, that is, my cousin came. I will treat you warmly. Don’t be too moved!"
Warmth laughed angrily. "You are so kind!"
Sacred is shameless smile more brilliant "za cousin mistreated who also can’t mistreat him! I hope my cousin has a good impression on me, and I’d better never forget it at first sight. "
"Fuck off!"
"Hey hey …"
"Don’t be poor, just say * What’s scattered?"
"* There are more people who want to inhale a little, and they will become lazy. The limbs are blurred, but the mind is happy. Oh, it is always the same as the feeling after a hearty sex!"
"How to warm my cousin? It’s just like sending him a beautiful woman. It’s almost better than sending a beautiful woman. It’s not that he struggled and enjoyed it … "
"Shut up!" Warm can’t listen to the warning and stare at him. "Don’t let this deal with my cousin."
Holy still feel wronged "how can it be dealt with? This is hospitality and I also gave a gift … "
Seeing that people’s voices are high and sacred, please quickly please "well, don’t entertain."
Warm this just slow face.
Sacred carefully added, "warm son but it’s not good for me to neglect my cousin, is it? What if he gets angry and rushes into the tribe to fight with me? Should I fight back or fight back? "
Warm thoughtfully, "Is there a simple medicine, such as temporarily immobilizing?"
"Like that time with mistress?"
Warm brain made up for a cousin lying there motionless at the mercy of people, and the picture suddenly shivered. Cousin knew that if that happened, it would be a living hell for him!
She shook her head in annoyance. "Forget it!"
Divine blinking eyes tentatively asked, "That means …"
Warm rubbing his forehead "I’ll meet my cousin when he goes to Taohualin. I’ll persuade him that he may still listen!" " Other methods may backfire!
Smell speech sacred look bitterness up tugging at sleeve playing with "warm son 36 plan you chose the best policy incredibly want to go to honey trap I forbid me to be jealous …"
"Don’t talk nonsense. I’m going to persuade him, okay?"
"Hum, what is this advice? Mouth or hand? "
I don’t know if I’m warm and evil, but I think the last sentence is so dirty. She gets up from embarrassment and goes after the sacred pursuit. "Oh, warm son, do you understand it in seconds?" Whoops, you really did. If you don’t agree with each other, you will have a car mind … "
Warm and violent!
Holy crying followed!
When A Dai saw it in the dark, he wondered, "What happened to Dagong? Did he cry so sadly and be raped?"
God despises "rape? Archduke Chi is still raping. He can’t wait to take off his clothes and wait for the young lady to fall! "
A Dai deep however "yes, what is that? Ah, is it because the young lady doesn’t want to be responsible for him after being broken? "
God smiled in a wretched way. "This is possible, and it may be that he was overwhelmed by the little lady. Hey hey …"
"Little lady is so tough?" A Dai is amazed!
God’s face is inscrutable. "The more desirous the appearance is, the more the woman is in bed."