With these Duan Shi masters, Duan Sheng was quickly solved by Ye Shuang. At this time, Duan Shi masters have all fled far away.

Glanced at Ye Shuang and had no interest in chasing those people, so he hurried towards Tianlong Temple.
When Ye Shuang arrived, the Tianlong Temple War was close to the Tail Ye Shuang, and these hands had occupied an absolute advantage. It was only a matter of time.
See the arrival of leaf frost MuXiao, flying star and others have to catch up.
"I saw Duan Ning coming here. You should be careful." Ye Shuang continued to ask while scanning around for Duan Ning’s figure. "Is there any tricky master in Tianlong Temple?"
"Thank you for your public interests above everything else," MuXiao replied. "There are indeed a few old monks who are very powerful, but they have been solved by being as cold as the moon. Now they are fighting back and will soon be able to completely take the whole Tianlong Temple."
"Well," Ye Shuang nodded. "Those monks don’t want to kill them all by hand. They are still very prestigious in Dali. If we want to take root in Dali, we have to consider the latter."
"The public lesson is"
"You wake up and let me know as soon as you find the trace of Duan Ning."
Ye Shuang is still a little uneasy. Duan Ning’s six-pulse Excalibur is too lethal. In the melee, it can definitely make his hands suffer heavy losses, especially Duan Ning’s skill is extremely high, and few people can resist it.
But when it was dawn, Ye Shuang didn’t get news from Duan Ning. There were several suspicious masters like him, but instead of killing, he saved some Tianlong Temple masters and left.
Tianlong Temple was completely taken. A small number of monks died, some escaped, and most others were injured.
What surprised Ye Shuang the most was that when the people who were responsible for stalking Dali came back, they reported that kingdom of dali’s clan had dispersed overnight and fled.
The first volume Jianghu frost mark Chapter two hundred and ninety-one Alternative engagement
Chapter two hundred and ninety-one Alternative engagement
Kingdom of dali almost vanished overnight, but the local people scattered and fled. After all, kingdom of dali is deeply rooted in Dali City for many years. It is quite difficult for people to find these people.
Ye Shuang didn’t sit in Dali City to kill and escape kingdom of dali’s master, but left a part to clean up Duan’s forces. He himself took people to the ruling Sect without stopping.
Kingdom of dali was shattered by his own people, and the Five Poisons Sect will certainly get the news soon, and he will arrive before they are ready to make the Five Poisons Sect ministers or perish.
The ruling Sect and kingdom of dali are two major forces in Yunnan, and there must be some eyeliner around each other. kingdom of dali has such a big movement lurking nearby. The ruling Sect people must have got the news early. Ye Shuang, no matter how fast they are, they can’t compete with others’ flying pigeons.
Ye Shuang and others didn’t hide their whereabouts. When the Five Poisons Sect was on guard, hiding their whereabouts was also a ridiculous place. When Ye Shuang took people to the front of the Five Poisons Sect, the Five Poisons Sect was ready for battle.
The first is an old man with a cold look. He holds a strange dark golden sword in his hand, which is the golden snake sword. There are more than 20 masters of five evils behind him. One of them is still holding a knife in one arm, and the others are either hooks or whips or hands.
The only thing that can get into the eye of the Five Poisons Sect is the golden snake swordsmanship, and other poisons, hidden weapons, are not considered by him.
Ye Shuang’s trip didn’t bring many people. It wasn’t surprising to see the leader of the Five Poisons personally lead people to stop in front. After stopping, he directly said, "It’s good that the leader of the Five Poisons Sect didn’t escape. I need to say more. I have two choices, either I will be a minister or I will be removed from the Jianghu from now on."
"You want to destroy my five poisons with these people?" Is Peng pointed to the leaf frost behind look a little tired less than one hundred people asked.
"If I’m not afraid of your five evils and flee, I’ll kill you alone," Ye Shuang said coldly.
"Boast" is Peng Wen’s face suddenly showing anger. Although he admits that Ye Shuang’s martial arts are extremely good, he may not be the other opponent, but Ye Shuang’s words that despise the ruling religion still make him angry.
"It seems that your ruling sect is going to fight to the end." Ye Shuang took the epee and pointed to Zhengpeng’s way. "In those days, I once competed with the golden snake sword, but I have never seen the real golden snake sword. If you can pick me up for twenty strokes, people will never bother the ruling sect again."
"Is this true?" Zheng Peng’s eyes suddenly lit up when he heard Ye Shuang’s words. He didn’t mind the meaning of Ye Shuang’s words-he couldn’t pick up Ye Shuang’s twenty strokes.
"This little thing I can still decide" Ye Shuang took a few steps forward and answered.
At this time, Zhengpeng didn’t care about Ye Shuang’s treatment of the Five Poisons as a trivial matter. He thought it was to try his best to protect the Five Poisons.
"Okay, I’ll believe you this time."
Zheng Peng shook the golden snake sword and went to Ye Shuang Golden snake fencing against Ye Shuang epee fencing.
Two people didn’t gain momentum and rushed to each other almost at the same time. Ye Shuang epee pointed straight at Zhengpeng.
While Zheng Peng rushed to Ye Shuang, at the same time, Venus flew out of his hand at a faster speed, and the first step to Ye Shuang was the famous golden snake cone.
However, the vast majority of hidden weapons has no effect on Ye Shuang, and the golden snake cone is no exception. When flying to Ye Shuang, Ye Shuang’s right hand and two fingers accurately clamped the golden snake cone, just as there was no difference between the two fingers.
Throw away the poisonous darkiron epee on the face of the golden snake cone, which can stop the stone pillars from rampaging and crushing to Zhengpeng.
Golden snake fencing is a set of martial arts, including golden snake posture. Zheng Peng will not confront darksteel epee head-on. He wants to give full play to the advantages of golden snake fencing.
The golden light in the sky shook his right hand, which made people almost blind. The golden snake sword in Zhengpeng’s hand seemed to really turn into a wild dance. The golden snake attacked Ye Shuang from various strange angles and avoided the frontal attack of the darksteel epee.
Even Ye Shuang had to squint his eyes in this golden sky, which reminded him of the golden snake sword of soft sword in those days. Although it was not pure soft sword, it was similar to soft sword. It was definitely a special weapon. Golden snake swordsmanship also cooperated with golden snake sword to display it perfectly.
The tip of the golden snake sword is forked, which is similar to the fact that a snake head can lock and hold an opponent’s weapon. Ye Shuang, the ice sword was copied in those years. The snake head was locked and held by a epee, but it was locked and held by other methods. It is impossible to prevent the snake head from falling to the ground.
Seeing the golden snake swordsmanship again reminds Ye Shuang of the "snake" in the Nine Yin Sutra, which is quite similar to the golden snake swordsmanship. He has also cultivated this flying skill in the past three years, but it is not too strange and will not be at a loss.
The epee pushes Ye Shuanggen horizontally, regardless of how clever Zhengpeng’s swordsmanship is, and how difficult it is to prevent him from attacking all the tricks and moves with one sword, which is also the pursuit of Xuantie epee.
Ye Shuang’s simple and elegant sword broke the changes of Zhengpeng Golden Snake’s swordsmanship, and Ye Shuang gained momentum and tide wait for no man. Then Ye Shuang took the lead again, and then Ye Shuang pressed him step by step. Now Zhengpeng Gen doesn’t have much counterattack force, and a few swords, Golden Snake’s swordsmanship, was completely suppressed by Ye Shuang, and the moves were scattered and played.
Zheng Peng also realized that it was not good. He didn’t expect Ye Shuang’s epee swordsmanship to be so powerful that he really reached Dacheng’s level. His golden snake sword didn’t dare to collide with the epee, which led to many subtle points of golden snake swordsmanship not being brought into play, because no matter how you change the epee, it will give up halfway if you directly attack the sword at your wrist or near the hilt.
When pushing again, Zheng Peng Li’s golden snake sword was dazzled with a golden snake cone, which was shot at Ye Shuang secretly. Ye Shuang was extremely alert and the golden snake cone was caught by his finger. Then Ye Shuang smiled coldly and threw away the golden snake cone and continued to attack Zheng Peng to take him at one stroke.
Zheng Peng’s golden snake sword is on the verge of being defeated by Ye Shuang. His left hand seems to move around his waist, and then a fine black shadow shoots at a very fast speed. Ye Shuang is the famous hidden weapons of the ruling Sect-innuendo
Ye Shuang has been chasing Zheng Peng’s attack, pressing him so close that he was caught off guard by innuendo and almost reached him in the blink of an eye.
At this time, Mu Xiao and others were frightened to disgrace with Ye Shuang, but all the people of the ruling Sect were beaming when they saw this, and the corners of their mouths were upturned. His former snake cone countered Ye Shuang, but it was just confusing Ye Shuang. The real surprise was innuendo.
In the face of the near-by innuendo, Ye Shuang panicked and attacked Zhengpeng epee, and immediately stopped at hidden weapons. When he arrived, his figure was moved three feet sideways to avoid the range of innuendo.
To everyone’s surprise, no one expected that Ye Shuang could avoid innuendo by moving it under almost impossible circumstances.
Zheng Peng immediately opened his eyes in disbelief and blurted out, "Impossible. How can you hide?"
"Hum, nothing is impossible." Ye Shuang is still concerned at this time.
There are countless ways to plot against people in the Jianghu. The most common ones are poison and hidden weapons, but Ye Shuang is a hundred poisons, which everyone knows. But Ye Shuang is afraid of hidden weapons, especially those famous hidden weapons peacock feathers and rainstorm pear needles. No one dares to say that he can completely avoid the plot like this one. If it is not for Ye Shuang’s cultivation of Jiuyin Zhenjing, even if he is wearing a black silkworm suit, his head is extremely fragile without protection.
Dodged a bullet Ye Shuang looked at Zhengpeng and was very angry. He drank a little and killed Zhengpeng with a sharper attack than before. Although shocked by Ye Shuang, Zhengpeng avoided innuendo, but he also quickly came to his senses and resisted Ye Shuang’s attack again.
It was this time that he came to Ye Shuang with the golden snake sword, and his right hand used a finger to accurately clamp the golden snake sword, and then Xuantie epee Ye Shuang’s legs used Fengshen legs to attack Zhengpeng at the same time.
In utter amazement, Zhengpeng had to abandon the sword and fly away, but although he evaded the darksteel epee, he did not evade Ye Shuang Fengshen’s legs for several times. A burst of bone fracture sounded in Zhengpeng’s body, and Zhengpeng’s whole person flew upside down and vomited blood in half, and was caught by the master of Five Poisons Sect behind him in alarm.
"Down or not?" Ye Shuang epee, pointing to Zhengpeng, protects his many ruling masters’ way
"I’m willing to surrender to the Five Poisons Sect." Zheng Peng uttered this sentence bitterly. When other masters of the Five Poisons Sect heard this, almost everyone bowed their heads and lost their spirits.
"When someone hears kingdom of dali’s fruit, they will know that I can’t resist Ye Shuanggong." People around me helped Zhengpeng get up and wiped the blood on the corners of his mouth and sighed, "Either I left or defected from the Five Poisons Sect or I was destroyed, and the remaining three or two people were stranded in the rivers and lakes."
What Zheng Peng said is also the most likely situation of the Five Poisons Doctrine. It sounds a little bleak and makes people feel quite sad.
"It’s the poison that my generation of Five Poisons Sect needs in Yunnan. Many poisons can be found in Yunnan. If you leave Yunnan, you will be the root duckweed." Zhengpeng continued, "There are few places where the rivers and lakes can be strong, but there will be a quiet place to fight with the right path." It is impossible to accept me in the right way. It is also a good choice for me to take refuge in the Heaven Society. "
Zheng Peng seems to be explaining the reality. The main purpose is to dispel Ye Shuang’s doubts and anger, so that Ye Shuang can believe that the five evils religion is sincerely surrendered.