"Can you just listen to me?" Cang Ba gnashed her teeth and said that it looked like eating people. When they saw Cang Ba’s situation, they quickly shrank their heads and said goodbye to that darling.

Seeing that everyone was no longer out of Cang Ba, I leisurely sat down in the chair again, and then Cang Ba pinched his voice. When he spoke just now, he accidentally said a little loudly, which was a little uncomfortable. "Where was I?" In the long-awaited eyes of all, Cang Ba uttered a word that petrified all people.
"Eldest brother, you said to Fan Xiwen to deal with Taihang Mountain thieves." Yue woke up, but his head was still shrinking. This can say that Cang Ba still has a high prestige in their hearts
"Oh, yes, speaking of which, people’s memory is failing when they are old." Cang Ba patted his skull or shirked responsibility because this reason makes people feel a little old when they are 25?
"Jizhou Legion’s military establishment is different from other classes, platoons, and even classes. These are all Fan Xiwen sent to Jizhou Legion’s jurisdiction over three armies with a total of 90,000 people. Even Batman equipment is better than Qingzhou’s average teenager, and Fan Xiwen defeated hundreds of thousands of mercenaries with such a well-equipped army of 30,000, thus occupying Jizhou. This is still two years ago. After two years of development, what strength has Jizhou Fan Xiwen reached now? How strong is Fan Xiwen’s Jizhou Legion? Take a few days ago, Yuan Shao went to Jizhou with tens of thousands of troops, but he was driven back to Qingzhou by Fan Xiwen without even attacking others’ doors. Now Fan Xiwen’s army they nest is so strong that it can say a problem that Fan Xiwen is determined to win Qingzhou according to Fan Xiwen’s style, and Qingzhou will definitely become the second person. "Cang Ba sighed and said that Cang Ba actually still likes this unconstrained life. It is his hand. This group of brothers think that Cang Ba must do this.
This group of brothers in Shanzhai used to be some rangers, but they had to go into exile to help Cang Ba rescue Cang Ba’s father. In Cang Ba’s heart, Cang Ba remembered that Cang Ba owed them a lot, and Cang Ba could no longer bring trouble to this group of brothers because of his own affairs. Only then did he decide to go to Fan Xiwen to help these brothers seek a good future.
"The most important thing is that most of the soldiers in Jizhou Legion are changed from mountain thieves. In Jizhou Legion, they will not be discriminated against or oppressed because they are mountain thieves. Mountain thieves can be as heavy there." This is the key point that Cang Ba wants to say and the important reason why Cang Ba will consider going to Fan Xiwen.
"Yes, Brother Xuan Gao knows a lot about Jizhou Army!" The palm of your hand rang and the door of Juyi Hall suddenly appeared a group of men in black, but in front of the mouth of this group of men in black was a handsome man in white. It was this handsome man in white who clapped his hands, while those men in black behind the handsome man in white had no expression, as if they were lifeless, but they gave off murderous look, but people had to stay away. It can be seen that these people were specially trained.
The handsome boy in white looks less than twenty years old, but in front of the men in black, there is a power that is unnatural, so people can’t help but want the handsome boy in white with a smile on his mouth, which may be very interested in Cang Ba’s statement.
"I don’t know who is it? How can you know the words? " Cang Ba asked the handsome guy in white with fuels, his eyes full of vigilance. Now their place is the fake Juyi Hall, and the problem is great.
"Jizhou Fan Xiwen has seen Brother Xuan Gao". The handsome guy in white introduced himself to Cang Ba fuels, saying that it brought shock to Cang Ba. There is no doubt that the focus of their discussion just now was Fan Xiwen and Yue and Li Man were quite "enthusiastic" about Fan Xiwen, shouting and killing.
After Fan Xiwen introduced himself, all the people in the shanzhai pulled out their weapons and looked at Fan Xiwen warily. His eyes were full of precautions. This is quite normal. I believe that all people will do this after encountering this situation. Of course, non-human beings do not belong to one of these types. If they encounter this situation, the first thing is to copy the guy and directly rush to kill people. Besides, what is an enemy or a friend? That is not necessary to consider. They know your motives.
Draw out a sword as soon as we met, and cherish the van. This situation is the same. Those non-human people behind cherish the van drew out their swords at the moment when they were in the cottage, and they also pulled out their weapons and rushed like ghosts.
Behind Fan Xiwen, the group of men in black is Wang Fan personally selected from the Royal Guards. The trump card is specially responsible for protecting Fan Xiwen’s cottage. All the people draw swords against each other. At the first moment, these people decided that it might endanger Fan Xiwen’s cottage. This is just rude. These Royal Guards can know that whoever made the mistake first has drawn your sword and aimed it at the target they want to protect.
Just as the weapons of the Royal Guards were about to attack the people in the cottage, Fan Xi’s voice sounded faintly behind the Royal Guards, and then those who were ready to hand over the people in the cottage retreated without any hesitation, showing extremely strict discipline and quite agile speed.
"What do you mean?" The shanzhai people’s faces were full of anger, and they looked at Fan Xiwen as if they were going to eat Fan Xiwen. At the moment when the Royal Guards made moves, they deeply felt the threat of death. It can be said that the moment just left a deep imprint on their hearts, which made them taste so close to death for the first time.
"Hehe, I’m here for Brother Xuan Gao today. I think Brother Xuan Gao also knows about the precious words, right?" Van precious little ignored those around at this moment almost like a clown shanzhai they looked Cang Ba said.
"A teacher’s adult is willing to follow an adult, but thousands of brothers in the cottage are responsible for it. What should I do if I follow you?" Cang Ba, these words are from the heart, and there is absolutely no point in doing them or trying to get political information from Fan Xiwen.
Fan Xiwen is still quite clear to Cang Ba people, so Cang Ba’s words will make Fan Xiwen look up to Cang Ba again.
"Xuan Gao brothers don’t say dark words, cherish the text. This time, Qingzhou is determined to win." Fan Xiwen said to Cang Ba that this may also be an answer. Of course, there is a lot of imagination in it. It is Cang Ba’s brain, but Fan Xiwen believes that Cang Ba will not be stupid. If Cang Ba is stupid, he will not be able to achieve such a high position in Cao Wei Tuan later.
"If I’m not willing to join these brothers from the stronghold, please don’t be so overbearing and willing to surrender." Cang Ba still believes that looking at Fan Xiwen, I can feel that Fan Xiwen is an honest speaker. For Fan Xiwen, Qingzhou is determined to win, and Cang Ba has no doubt that Cang Ba has chosen another question again.
"Brother Xuangao can rest assured that he doesn’t want to join our army. From the shanzhai brothers, Jizhou Army will distribute the road." Fan Xiwen walked over and said that things in Cang Ba will soon be successful, but with Cang Ba’s words to the people from the shanzhai just now, we can see that Cang Ba has actually lowered his heart.
Chapter one hundred and sixty Go to Montenegro
After Cang Ba, Fan Xiwen will no longer stay in Taishan. He came to Qingzhou with tens of thousands of mixed powerful arms. That’s it. If you don’t stay in these places too much, you will be caught off guard by Qingzhou Army. Fan Xiwen is going to take his troops to attack Qingzhou Zhisuo Donglai County and directly end Yuan Shao’s lair and let Yuan Shao hold his head in pain.
Of course, at this time, Fan Xiwen still has one of the most important things to do, that is, to send someone to Montenegro to say that Zhang Yan Taishan Yellow Scarf Thief Wu Dun and other people are more famous, but if Wu Dun and others are not qualified in Qingzhou, the most powerful force in Qingzhou should belong to the Zhangyan Department of Montenegro.
Zhang Yan, Montenegro, formerly known as Chu Yan, was Zhang Jiao’s proud brother. After Zhang Jiao’s death, Chu Yan changed her name to Zhang Yan and took her department to Qingzhou, where the yellow turban insurrectionary is a multi-boundary Zhang Yan. Then the name of Zhang Jiao, a great virtuous teacher, soon had a small piece of territory in Qingzhou and slowly gathered hundreds of thousands of troops and gradually became a big head in Qingzhou.
At the beginning, Qingzhou secretariat didn’t put Zhang Yan in the eye, but after Zhang Yan became powerful, Qingzhou secretariat could not be solved, so Zhang Yan could be put in Montenegro.
Fan Xiwen entered Qingzhou with tens of thousands of troops. As Cang Ba said, it is determined and Fan Xiwen intends to defeat Yuan Shao in the shortest time. From Fan Xiwen’s routine of sending troops, it can be seen that if you want to defeat Yuan Shao in the period, it will destroy all counties and counties in Qingzhou at one time, but it is not enough to rely solely on the three armies of Jizhou Legion. This is not enough not to refer to the number and combat effectiveness, but to the extension of tentacles, because you want to complete Fan Xiwen’s quick victory. If you plan, you must lengthen the front, but once you lengthen the front, there will be loopholes in the attack front and defense line of Jizhou Army, so that Qingzhou Army can use this loophole to fight back. Then Jizhou Army may lose more than it gets.
Since we can’t let Jizhou Legion stretch the front, but Fan Xiwen is thinking about a quick victory, then we will find foreign aid. Taishan, Cang Ba and Montenegro, and Zhang Yan both left a character in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms or other novels. For Fan Xiwen, I thought of them at the first time. If we can get help from Zhang Yan and Cang Ba, it would be best to attack Qingzhou Army morale. Moreover, it was originally a four-way attack on Jizhou Army, and it became six passers-by who said that more ants killed the warehouse like this mouse.
Fan Xiwen’s play is a group fight. This is a pack of wolves tactics. Yuan Shao or Yuan Shao’s two counselors must be beaten in a hurry, so that they have no strength to defend themselves and can watch Jizhou Army annex Qingzhou step by step.
Zhang Yan in Montenegro is a yellow turban insurrectionary force. Will he take refuge in Fan Xiwen? After taking refuge in the scope, will Fan Xiwen stall Qingzhou’s main force in the front and then stand on its own feet?
Fan Xiwen also considered these problems. In fact, these roots don’t need to worry about Zhang Yan’s hand in Montenegro. The final destination of the Black Mountain Army is to surrender Cao Cao and Cao Cao’s development of wasteland and plan for sufficient labor to take refuge in Cao Lao Da Zhang Yan. Although Cao Lao Da was a "vassal" at that time, he had a large number of personnel, but these Fan Xiwen were not without them.
According to the rank system of the Han Dynasty, General Pingbei held three military posts, which is still a big official, but Zhang Yan has this talent, and nearly one million yellow turban insurrectionary departments have all taken refuge in Cao Cao, so it’s not enough for Zhang Yan to seal the Hou.
Speaking of whether to go to Zhang Yan or not, the key is whether the conditions given by Fan Xiwen are rich or not.
Yu said that if Zhang Yan took advantage of Fan Xiwen to pin down Qingzhou’s main force at the front line, he might take the opportunity to stand on his own two feet. However, Fan Xiwen was not afraid that it would be easier to deal with Zhang Yan than Yuan Shao to deal with Yuan Shao’s 67 th Road Army. Fan Xiwen still didn’t feel enough, but dealing with Zhang Yan could be solved by two armies at most. This is the gap between the cremation and the rebels.
Yuan Shao will get help from the gentry from all over the world when he stays in Qingzhou for a while, just like Liu Bei, who was besieged in Beihai, Kong Rong in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and Tao Qian sent a letter to Beihai after Tao Qian in Xuzhou was surrounded by Cao Lao’s troops. As a result, Liu Daer became a firefighter again. This time, Tao Qian thought of sending Liu Bei to Xuzhou as a thank-you gift. Liu Daer was very modest and declined, and he didn’t know whether it was true or not.
Kong Rong and Tao Qian are both gentry. When they are in trouble, it is enough to write a letter to the surrounding gentry. Naturally, someone will send troops to support them.
And Zhang Yanze is different. Zhang Yan belongs to the yellow turban insurrectionary. There are enemies everywhere. Those gentry hate the yellow turban insurrectionary even more than Fan Xiwen. If Zhang Yanzhen stands on his own feet, Fan Xiwen needs superior forces to surround Zhang Yanwei in a fixed area. The hay needed by millions of people alone can make Zhang Yan sigh, and there is no need to make a quick victory against Zhang Yan. Fan Xiwen can slowly eliminate Zhang Yan.
On the contrary, it is obvious that Zhang Yan’s post-Fan Xiwen’s benefits, but the population and troops can be increased by nearly one million, which is quite beneficial to the development of Qingzhou and Jizhou. However, before this, Fan Xiwen must prepare the food needed by nearly one million people, which is an astronomical number. Fortunately, the agricultural development and food preparation in Jizhou have been good in recent years.
The Yellow Scarf Army of Montenegro consists of two parts, more than 300,000 yellow scarf troops and more than 500,000 elderly, sick and disabled people. Zhang Yan scattered more than 500,000 elderly, sick and disabled people around Montenegro, while the main force of more than 300,000 yellow scarves left more than 200,000 in the Dazhai in the depths of Montenegro, and another 120,000 troops were set up around Montenegro to defend the camp in Montenegro.
120,000 troops guarding the Black Mountain Camp are divided into 12 departments, and each department has 10,000 people stationed in one place. Entering the intersection of Black Mountain, the black mountain camp is guarded like a moon, and this 120,000 army has played a frontier investigation. 120,000 people are doing frontier investigation. This is quite generous!
Fan Xiwen’s strong invasion of Qingzhou news almost the whole Qingzhou knows that Zhang Yan is not blind and deaf. I don’t know that Zhang Yan’s opening angle is proud of a group of younger brothers. Of course, it is not stupid. Zhang Yan’s first reaction to this matter is to call the general department together to discuss how to deal with the problem.
Zhang Yanzhao’s discussion place is the outermost part of the camp in Montenegro. There is a "Twelve Nightguards" to firmly protect Montenegro. There are more than 200,000 troops in it. After that, it is not Cang Ba Huwei Shanzhai. Compared with Fan Xiwen, it is impossible to break into the camp with people’s interest and without the approval of the owner. Fan Xiwen can send messengers to say Zhang Yan, while he himself quietly thinks about Donglai County with tens of thousands of troops.
Zhang Cheng was personally taught by Fan Xiwen. Fortunately, he used to be the ace negotiator of Le ‘an Army. Now, the battalion commander of Longxiang Weiyi Battalion in Jizhou has won a lot of goodwill in front of Fan Xiwen because he has completed Fan Xiwen’s account negotiation for many times and performed well. This position is going up.
For this kind of negotiation, it is just right for Zhang Cheng to do it. After receiving this, Zhang Cheng is quite happy to finally show his skill again.
That is, after Zhang Cheng took several Qinbing, he broke away from the big army and went straight to Montenegro. After several times of almost tightrope negotiations, Zhang Cheng was quite fat. With several Qinwei, he broke into the northern camp of "Twelve Suwei" in Montenegro without even frowning.
But I don’t know if Zhang Cheng is lucky or what. These yellow turbans are not difficult. Zhang Cheng also warmly entertained and sent someone to meet Zhang Cheng in Montenegro. Zhang Cheng was surprised by the performance of the yellow turban insurrectionary army. What is this?
In fact, Zhang Cheng didn’t know that there was no Lord at the root of the "Twelve Nightguards" camp in Montenegro. All the generals who were able to arrange numbers went to the camp in Montenegro to discuss important matters, and some people knew the yellow turban insurrectionary. This was just for Zhang Cheng to be diffusely.
"I have more than 300,000 troops in Montenegro. Even in Qingzhou, it is a force to be reckoned with. But what should I be afraid of Fan Xiwen’s children?" Zhu Kun, the commander of the "Twelve Suwei" camp in Montenegro, got up and said that his tone was full of disdain. It was that he didn’t understand the result of Fan Xiwen.
Zhang Yan tent has been crowded with more than 30 generals at this time, but these people are separated from each other. Among them, the "Twelve Suwei" camp leader is surrounded by a small circle. Montenegro’s main business is more than 20 generals, which is a circle of its own and a group of opposing forces.
Zhu Kun is in charge of the northern camp at the foot of Heishan Mountain. Unfortunately, it was the time when Zhang Chenglai was warmly received. If Zhu Kun was still in the camp, it would be good if Zhang Cheng could leave the camp alive, let alone talk about Zhang Yan.
"Zhu Kun, you don’t know about Jizhou Army. If you knew about Jizhou Army, you wouldn’t say so. You know, Jizhou Army soldiers wear armor, which is what you and I wear now." One of Montenegro’s main generals said that his tone was full of jealousy. Ah, this person is irritating than people.
"Hum Li Yue, don’t you raise others’ prestige? Can’t we equip an elite?" Another "Twelve Nightguards" general shouted, "When I sat in the theme, Zhang Yanzhen really wanted to yell," Your sister, we really can’t equip it. "
Chapter one hundred and sixty-nine Said Zhang Yan (1)
"Peng Bo, you go and equip me. If you equip me, Li Yue will tell me that the Jizhou army is like an elite." These people are not easy to get angry. Since Zhu Kun spoke, these people have never planned to die in their hearts. "Twelve Suwei" and the main general have formed their own party, and their small interests are constantly fighting with each other. If there is not Zhang Yan in the face, what will happen now?
Li Yue’s words "Twelve Nightguards" are helpless. It’s not like they have the final say.
"Enough" Peng Bo also wants to say something. Look at this situation. If no one stops it, I’m afraid it will be a martial arts performance. So Zhang Ya got up on striking table and shouted, "Zhang Yan has the highest prestige in Montenegro."
People one by one watching Zhang Yan waiting for Zhang Yan said.
Zhang Yan was staring at the people and was sure to say something. At this moment, Zhang Yan, a confidant, suddenly came in and whispered a few words in Zhang Yan’s ear. Zhang Yan frowned immediately after hearing this, and the confidant stopped talking when he saw it. Therefore, the whole tent fell silent. Zhang Yan thought about the problem, but no one dared to bother.
After half a ring, Zhang Yan said to the confidant who had been beside him, "Let him in!"
The cronies nodded toward Zhang Yan fuels and went out to see people confused about what’s going on? Looking at the people’s puzzled expression, Zhang Yan smiled and then sat back to the main theme. Later, he will be able to debunk the mystery. Is it necessary for him to explain that he can wave freely if he doesn’t want money for saliva?
Tents were brought to a corner and then a well-dressed general was exposed. The general’s armor was light armor, and there were only a few people in the big tent. Looking at the well-dressed Montenegro people in light armor, they showed their envious eyes. No military commander didn’t like this dazzling armor.
However, after a short period of absence and envy, Montenegro’s generals have pulled out their weapons and pointed them at all the words of the military commander Montenegro who just came in. The generals are in this big tent, and the military commander looks very strange. The first reaction of the generals is to draw a knife and prepare for a fight.
"Hey!" Just come in, the military commander is naturally Fan Xiwen’s messenger, Zhang Cheng, and the Jizhou Legion will have such a good treatment. A battalion commander is also wearing light armor. Although Zhang Cheng is a special unit of Long Xiangwei, Zhang Cheng is surprised that there are so many military commanders here. It is quite grand!
Zhang Cheng, the emissary, naturally has his own consciousness. Faced with dozens of sharp swords in front of him, Zhang Cheng must change his face and go to Zhang Yan.
"Too a teacher, Hou Hou, Hou General, Jizhou secretariat Zhang Cheng met General Zhang". Facing more than 30 generals, Zhang Cheng did not have stage fright to say hello to Zhang Yan fuels. This is a courtesy greeting without personal color.
"Not bad! You are somewhat courageous. "Zhang Yan looked at Zhang Cheng and praised him. Here, Zhang Yan has an advantage. Zhang Yan said quite easily that talking with Zhang Cheng is like an elder praising the younger generation. Of course, this is not a mixed underworld.
"Hey hey, there’s no way to have a career problem!" For the negotiation profession, Zhang Cheng has thoroughly understood that it is daring and cautious. For negotiating opponents, you must not get stage fright, even if your opponent has a knife in your neck, you can’t wrinkle your eyebrows, because they still have an unwritten rule that the two countries are at war and don’t cut it off. However, if you meet a mixed negotiating opponent, you can blame yourself for your bad luck.
But look at Zhang Yan, and you will know that Zhang Yan is not the kind of mixed opponent. Zhang Cheng is very sure to let go.
"Are you here to be a lobbyist?" Zhang Yan paid no attention to Zhang Cheng’s smirk. From the situation just now and the dialogue between the two sides, Zhang Cheng has great boldness of vision. Dozens of people and dozens of dazzling weapons can keep a straight face at him. This is not something that ordinary people can do.