The heavenly array is created by the leader of Tongtian, and it contains some essence when the world first opened. It is precisely for this reason that it is called the Jedi of Heaven and Earth.

Phoenix figure rushed in from outside the array Qin Na and Chen Hongbin stared at the unique array of the sky. If there is no ability to break the unique array of the phoenix, no one among the three families of Longfeng people will be able to break this large array again.
"South elder brother according to the novel named gods said this ten array but explain teach Twelve Jinxian to break now phoenix heads personally should be no problem can easily break this law" Chen Hongbin at a side you didn’t care.
"Not necessarily now, this war of God has become like this. Who knows what will happen to the Ten Commandments? Maybe …" Qin Na’s words haven’t been finished yet, and suddenly the flames came from the Ten Commandments.
The beam of light condensed from the original array of celestial bodies exploded with a bang, and a flame burned in it and dyed half the sky red. On the first day of the array of celestial bodies, the array of celestial bodies vanished in the middle of this true flame, and the main array of celestial bodies, Tianjun Qin, was destroyed without even showing its face.
Qin Na was startled. This phoenix just rushed in. In less than a moment, it was brute force to get rid of this day’s unique array, and it’s not over yet.
Phoenix figure once again rushed towards the fierce array on the edge of the sky.
Qin Na holds a big position and is the most sensitive to the change of the earth pulse. At the moment when the phoenix rushed into the ground fissure array, Qin Na felt that the ground of the law department seemed to instantly become a fierce beast. The fierce beast hissed and cracked his teeth and wanted to tear the phoenix completely, but suddenly the fire phoenix root was burning with nirvana. Regardless of these pressures, he rushed into the law, and his figure rushed directly towards the main array Tianjun Dong.
All kinds of forces in the ground fissure array can’t hurt the phoenix, and even the speed of the phoenix can’t affect the phoenix. Dong Da panicked and the whole ground fissure array was prompted by him.
The whole fierce battle array seems to have turned into a hell sand with earth elements. With the raging wind, huge rolling stones fell from the sky and exploded … All this has great lethality for pick Jin Xian, but it is almost like tickling for the strong at this level of Phoenix.
In Dong’s horrified eyes, the phoenix wings flashed, and the phoenix skyfire rolled out and would turn into ashes. The fire once again turned the fierce array into a sea of fire and the fierce array was broken.
The broken array Qin Na felt very clear, but it was because of this clear feeling that Qin Na couldn’t help but feel depressed.
When I came here just now, I was still worried about the Ten Commandments, but I didn’t want these laws to last even a quarter of an hour in Phoenix’s hand. But if there is no accident, it is estimated that Phoenix will be able to break all these Ten Commandments in one breath.
"South elder brother is not weak in these ten days, nor is it bad in this ten-array. It’s really because the phoenix is a little too strong. This broken array is like playing with one breath and breaking the two arrays without breathing." Chen Hongbin was excited.
He had been wondering whether he was powerful or whether the two patriarchs, Zulong and Fenghuang, were powerful. Now Chen Hongbin is completely angry when he sees the great power of Phoenix. Although his strength is far beyond the average pick Jin Xian, he is still much worse than Zulong Phoenix.
After all, strictly speaking, Chen Hongbin is now in the realm of picking Jin Xian. He can play with him. It seems that he is good at leapfrog fighting, but both Zulong and Fenghuang have already cut off the pure realm of two corpses, which is much higher than Chen Hongbin.
However, according to Chen Hongbin’s potential, if Chen Hongbin reaches the realm of Zulong and Phoenix in the future, his strength should be more exaggerated than Zulong and Phoenix.
When Qin Na and Chen Hongbin were startled, Phoenix had rushed through the four laws in one breath.
Days off positions fierce gusts roar array ice array … Look at the phoenix seems to really have a sigh of relief to destroy these laws, but just when the phoenix is going to break all the laws, Qin Na suddenly gives birth to a creepy feeling in his heart.
It was as if something was spying on him and was ready to give him a thunderbolt.
"Ten array has been broken, what is worth caring about?" Qin Na frowning gods have quietly explored around. To be on the safe side, Qin Na has grasped the land in his hands, and the massive power of rank and belief has merged to generate again.
The feeling of being integrated with the earth flooded into Qinnan’s body. This time, Qinnan felt different from before. Before, Qinnan had a little great position and power, and every time he mobilized the great position and power, he could completely control a nearby piece of land.
However, nowadays, Qin Na holds almost all the important positions in her hands. This feeling of harmony with the earth makes Qin Na indulge in it.
Qin Na consciousness instantly spread all over a corner of the vast land. At this moment, the whole vast land is under Qin Na’s control. At this moment, Qin Na is the absolute king and the absolute enemy.
Even the sage Qin nan is confident at the moment. Although the first world war may not be won, he is confident to save his life if he wants to stay in Qin nan.
"This is the bodhi old zu realm of Zulong and Fenghuang Styx" Qin Na suddenly realized in his heart.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-six Jiuqu Yellow River Array
At the beginning, the phoenix said that it is truly immortal to reach their realm. If there is still a flame, the phoenix will be immortal. If the ancestors are in the four seas, they will not die. The Styx will not die … This realm is now clearly felt by Qin Na.
What they have in common with Zulong is that the vast land will be immortal in Qinnan, which is to mobilize the great position of the Ministry before gaining ability
However, Qin Na also knows that this power belongs to Zhenyuan, and he is just borrowing it for the time being.
"It would be great if I went to this place to be under the control of the old man." Qin Na sighed in his heart, but he also knew very well that what he thought was impossible to realize, because this place is Zhenyuan’s companion, so it can be said that even if it is destroyed, it will recognize Zhenyuan as the master.
This feeling of blending with the vast land made Qin Na indulge in it, but Mata woke up because he felt the whole world change.
At the moment, the vast land is like Qin Na’s own body. If something happens to his body, the horse can know that in Qin Na’s perception, many immortals with strong breath and a few immortals with slightly weak breath are quietly rushing towards the Terran camp and seem to want to panic in the Terran.
"The Ten Commandments are really the main forces that the other side wants to attract Terrans. Are these the real attacks of the other side?" Qin Na knows clearly but doesn’t panic. The Terran is ready for this situation. The ancestors of the elite Terran monks of Longfeng and Longfeng are all in the Terran camp. These enemies can’t hide for long even if they sneak up on Zulongxiu.
Always pay attention to the Qin Na twist a head over there and look towards the phoenix.
Phoenix is almost transformed into a fireball array, which is much faster. It can break a large array almost instantly. In a blink of an eye, Phoenix has already rushed into the last large array. If this large array is broken, it will be completely finished.
But that feeling that made Qin Na very uneasy actually reappeared at this moment.
"What’s the matter?" Qin Na believes in his feelings, but he carefully checked and nothing happened, but he can be a small Chen Hongbin.
"Bin, be careful. I always feel something is wrong."
"Something is wrong, it should be those guys, isn’t it? I’m rushing towards the Terran with such fanfare. I don’t know who the organization is. It’s just a bunch of stupid B’s?" Chen Hongbin pie pie said.
Although his eyes pay attention to the phoenix in front, he has already discovered the situation in Terran Camp.
"Always be careful. When the heads of the order of the phoenix get rid of the red sand array, we will immediately go back and have our Terran casualties." Qin Na said with a frown.
At the moment, the uneasiness in his heart became more and more intense. Qin Na turned away from looking at the front phoenix broken array department, and his body and mind were all involved in the perception. At this time, a slight fluctuation finally came to Qin Na’s feeling.
This fluctuation is very weak, but at this moment, Qinnan is equivalent to the incarnation of the wild. After a slight fluctuation is perceived by him, it can directly find its source.
Qinnan constantly perceives the past along the direction of fluctuation.
This fluctuation turned out to be made by two people together, and these two people … Qin Na was stiff.
"How can they sell at this time? It’s impossible … "
Seeing Qin Na’s face changed greatly, Chen Hongbin asked curiously, "What happened to Nan Ge? The Phoenix patriarch horse will break this red sand array."
"No, how can they make moves …" Qin Na seems to be a little distracted.
At this time, the Phoenix patriarch finally transformed the last law of the Ten Commandments into a sea of fire, but the Phoenix patriarch has not yet left the red sand array, and a powerful binding force spread rapidly from where the Ten Commandments are located, enveloping Qin Na and Chen Hongbin.
This binding force is so strong that even Qin Na and Chen Hongbin Phoenix can’t carry this binding force and pull it to the ground.
"What is this power? How can it be so powerful?" Chen Hongbin asked.
And the phoenix seems to have sensed something at the moment. What body keeps shaking and wants to get rid of this binding force.
"I think we’re going to be really bad this time," Qin Na wry smile way.
"Nan Ge, what do you mean?" Chen Hongbin stare big eyes to ask while struggling.
"Because now it’s a saint and two saints join hands." Qin Na’s face is bitter and even more bitter. Without the help of saints, Qin Na three people are doomed to be unable to leave this place
"Qin Na patriarch originally felt right, and the eye shot was Sanqing Saint Yuan Shi Tian Zun and Tongtian hierarch, but Qin Na patriarch may not know that saints shot badly, but if they didn’t arrive, I still have the ability to get out of here." Phoenix said aside.