It’s when I’m with Love Micro. He’s not on guard. He’s said all the words that have been hidden in his heart. There’s no guarantee.

But since the fact is doomed, can we regard this as a hope, a hope that we can see?
Get up and bend over and look at love micro-stop at love micro-shoulder. Hands are held on both sides of love micro-shoulder, and purple eyes are straight at love.
Dark eyes look serious as if looking at his belief that "I love you!" " It’s not a joke to like you, but he is one.
Life is the most solemn and earnest oath!
After saying that, love is silent, and I find myself very nervous, just like waiting for the final verdict.
Tell yourself not to have expectations, but I still can’t help but hope that Love Micro can give you a response.
It seems that centuries have passed, and it seems that a few seconds have passed, and finally I heard the love whisper ringing in my ear, but I didn’t think about it myself.
To reject or accept
Love whispers lightly as if they were about to melt into the air and dissipate, but it seems that the bells and drums ringing in the ears are clear and shocking.
"You are my admitted friend, and I would never cheat my friends. I have a lifelong companion."
Love whispers made his face paler, but only so. He didn’t show great excitement. His voice was calm. "Is that it?"
Deacon! "those vampires in the forest performance he knew that they haven’t love micro table and the deacon’s attitude to love micro is also obvious.
And it is easy to see that it is so reckless and intimate that it belongs to lovers alone.
Lian Wei nodded. "It’s Sebas, my lover and the person I promised to be together forever!"
"What about that?"
Huh? Love looked up in surprise because she heard wrong, right?
Seeing Love Micro’s round eyes staring at herself in the same color eyes at night clearly filled with questions and disbelief, cute as Tianzhu.
At this time, the mouse’s love is different at ordinary times, and it looks a little more youthful.
The corners of the mouth cocked up a little radian and instantly softened the whole face. The serious eyes were full of smiles. "What about that?"
? "
Love eyes are getting wider. Why is it that she meets people with both new ideas? Is she too old? Or is it
She is too backward in thinking? She never knew that sharing love has become normal, and it should not be everyone’s dream to have one person for life.
Want to? I used to fantasize when I was young, although it was relatively short, that dream.
It has long been fragmented in the crying of her mother, but this is the dream of most people. She is still very sure. Maybe she came into this world
Has evolved into an abnormal world?
Love smiles at herself. How is that possible? How could she not know how much these people around her want them to be themselves?
How could she not know that they would agree to share it because they were selfish or because she was still ignorant of it?
"Love" has always been her own condition, that is, whether it is a disaster or not. From ancient times to modern times, the condition before the disaster is that "Yan"
And although she is not facial features, she is at most handsome and more than cheeky compared with those who are truly beautiful, but now she has to say
I am really a real disaster!
"You know I can’t let go of Sebas" and those people in the other world.
Look the same brow or that relaxed smile "I know", of course, he knows what kind of person Lian Wei is, since she gives
If you make a promise, you will never break it! And now he’s asking for just such a promise.
See the expression in the firm love micro can gently nai sigh "will …"
Put away that smile and said seriously, "Love micro, don’t say anything to make me give up. I have just said that I have."
I can’t let go. I know you already have a lover, but what about that? I know you are my only choice! "Not willing to share.
It’s not that I don’t mind, but she is his only choice, and he is the only choice!
Stubbornness makes love feel a little headache and distressed, but there is no such thing as "Do you know that I am not here?"
One day, I will go back to the world. What will you be like then? Come with me? What if you hate you? "
The fact that Lian Wei is not from this world makes him silent. He feels that his world is mysterious enough now.
Illusion of love brings him more mysterious facts? And a wisp of his brother, who never believed that he was dead.
Brother … "Love micro if you can wait for me? I want to find a piece of information and wait until it is confirmed.