"HQ doesn’t look so good, does it? It’s been beaten by us."

"Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are, after all, small leagues, and their strength must be much worse than LPL. Try to give them a better fight." Xiang Qiang is also a face of confidence
Of course, the highlight of League of Legends is that the plot changes beyond people’s expectations.
Unless the gap between the two sides is very different, it is very likely that the outcome will be easily reversed after a game.
Can GG team crush HQ? Of course not!
Before the start of the second game, the expansion of ADC Mountain and the field strength did not expect that they would face a team that was not weaker than them but played harder than them in the second game.
"Be careful on the road"
Six minutes into the game, Ye Feng manipulated the fox in the middle of the road and woke up at the same time with the game of M.
However, it was not prudent for ADC Mountain to intentionally seduce the remnant blood on the opposite side, but chose to hand over the displacement skill to kill an auxiliary fruit, so that the opposite auxiliary bull head could successfully seduce the blind monk shield and the Q skill, which not only killed ADC but also failed to escape.
HQADCVN double kill!
Your teammate has been killed!
In the tenth minute of the game, I tried to demolish the strong widow when she saw a real eye on the river in the single river, but the blind monk of HQ team accurately squatted and cooperated with Victor opposite to kill him directly.
In the 25-minute battle for the third little dragon, the widow was hooked by the auxiliary Titan, which also led to the near extinction of their little dragon group.
The opposite advantage has been completely established.
"Lost" In the 37th minute, when I saw the widow and the road duo forcibly grabbing the wandering HQ single, the remaining four HQ people chose the direct Dragon. Although the night maple headwind case killed the opposite Danvictor, he was only a Danone, and it was impossible to grab the Dragon without punishment.
In thirty-nine minutes, with great economic advantages and big dragon BUFFHQ, after unplugging all their outer towers, they directly hit the highlands.
The outcome of the second game has been decided …
Chapter two hundred and three Determine
"Lost" When the HQ team attacked their highland with a huge economic advantage, the mountain found that their disadvantage was so great that even if others were forced to open in the highland tower, they almost killed them all.
Followed by a wave
The second game
Shan Xiang Qiang’s faces are ugly. They boasted about Haikou before the game started, which is better than shaving HQ’s head.
But I never imagined that the HQ team in the second game directly beat them to a bloody collapse!
In fact, when you look down on the team, you have actually buried the seeds of failure yourself
"It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s a training match. Everyone is still in the running-in period. When you blame yourself, you might as well think about where your mistakes are." Dong Rui also said after the game
To be honest, Dong Rui still has some regrets in his heart. They made a big mistake in this game, mainly because they were killed twice, and it was very wrong to be snowballed by the opposite side.
But Dong Rui, considering that it’s still the team’s running-in period, can’t push them too hard, otherwise it will be in trouble once the confidence is hit!
Team GG and HQ were not very familiar with each other in the two-game training match, so Feng retired directly that night.
After dinner, when the players ranked themselves, Feng Ye and Huang Ze Ming lined up for a few innings, but their luck was stinking. It turned out to be a wave of kneeling.
"Night maple, do you want to eat something late at night or go out to eat?"
At ten o’clock in the evening, Huang Zeming asked the night maple
"Let’s go out for a walk." All day long, Feng sat in a chair and suddenly felt a little yearning for the outside air.
And the thought of Xu Mengxi’s reply to Night Maple is even more exciting.
After GG team spent their second night, Yefeng not only got up early the next morning, but also bought 8 pieces of high imitation apples from breakfast and hung them under his eyelids.
"If you can talk before nine o’clock, you don’t agree to talk after nine o’clock, you agree." Ye Feng didn’t have the heart to play games. At 59: 00, he sat in front of the dining room chair and stared at the mobile phone.
"ding ding ding"
"No way!" Night maple just finished talking when the phone rang, and the name made his mind tight.
"Dear immortal Buddha, Xiao Gang’s words don’t count." Hurriedly, he bowed to the east and worshipped the night maple to open the answer.
"hello? Hello? "
After the night maple opened the words, it was a blind sound.
After feeding for two times, no one answered Ye Feng’s call.
But soon the words rang again.
"Hey, night maple, can you hear me? This mobile phone has been disobedient for two years. It’s really annoying." As soon as the words were connected, Xu Mengxi began to complain
Night maple glanced at it, but it was past nine o’clock. She couldn’t help laughing and said, "It’s not annoying, it’s not annoying, it’s time to be bad, it’s time to be bad."
"What is bad at the right time?" Xu Mengxi was puzzled and asked lightly, and then he was a little stiff. "Ye Feng and I discussed it with my brother. He said that I should pursue what I like to do. He also said that I was very relieved that you could take good care of me."
Perhaps it’s a bit ambiguous. Xu Mengxi’s voice was much lower.
But the night maple has long stood tall, but it has heard every word.
"Big JIU, don’t let senior Wei know me too well. I don’t take care of my junior. My senior sister is very good. Alas, I didn’t expect to hide my only advantage. It’s such a failure." Ye Feng’s mouth showed off in an ostentatious manner, but she thanked Xu Wei for ten thousand times.
Whether Xu Mengxi can come can be said whether Xu Wei agrees or not, which accounts for 10% less. If Xu Wei does not agree, Xu Mengxi is unlikely to come alone.
Ye Feng, of course, also knows that this is his previous experience of fighting side by side with everyone in the competition club. Otherwise, Xu Wei could not rest assured that Xu Mengxi, a girl, would stop studying for thousands of miles and come to the sea.
"Uncle, uncle, it seems that the college league championship is not in vain."
Night maple was overjoyed and asked urgently, "Mengxi, when can you come?" Dong Ge said that the team is now in the running-in period and there are many things. If you come early, you can get into the state earlier. "
Dong Rui naturally didn’t tell him this, but it doesn’t matter if Dong Rui said it. What matters is to get Xu Mengxi to come here quickly.
"Ah, very busy? To also prepare and tendril tendril they get together after dinner on Friday, or I’ll change it for a while "Xu Mengxi nature is don’t know night maple career.
Ye Feng fought back a smile and said, "Well, I’ll talk to Dong Ge."
Then the two chatted for a while, and Feng couldn’t resist the agitation in his heart at night. He hung up and looked at the sky outside in front of the glass and sang loudly. This is love ~ This is love ~
"What’s the matter, Feng? How do you look like you won the grand prize?"
When I returned to the training room, Huang Zeming was still in the single-row stage when I saw the night maple with a face of smile and some puzzled asked.
In the past two days, Huang Zeming began to call his nickname like those guys in 4.
"Children don’t ask so many fun games is the way out." Ye Feng patted him on the shoulder.
"I’m ten years old, and you’re no older than me when I was a child." I don’t know the situation. Huang Zemin bowed his head and muttered a few words and turned to start the election.
Later, due to Dong Rui’s appointment with an LSPL team for a training match, Ye Feng didn’t have time to be idle, and he and Huang Ze Ming each played a handful of singles and singles. Although the final result won, he always felt that he didn’t play wild.
"It seems that I have to find Dong Ge." Ye Feng looked at Xiang Qiang. Although it is said that if I go to Xiang Qiang’s ear, it will easily cause contradictions between the two, but in his heart, he still recognizes that his team strength will be stronger after playing wild!
Now that he has entered the GG team, he naturally hopes that the team can achieve better results in the LPL World Series.
"Ye Feng (Dong Ge)"
"Huh?" Dong Rui looked at the night maple who was talking to him with different mouths and pointed to the direction of the conference room and laughed. "Come out and speak" to be continued …
Chapter two hundred and four Single GODEYES